Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Endsinger by Jay Kristoff

I'm not sure my heart is ready to write this review. I'm not even sure that my heart is ready to live yet. Because Jay Kristoff murdered it with this book. Endsinger was perfect. But it was evil. There is so much death and betrayals and happy moments and oh. This book killed me. And I loved every moment of it.

When I got this gorgeous review copy in the mail yesterday, I peeked at the ending. Like I always do. So I knew one big thing that happened. But I didn't know about all the deaths. I was surprised at the twist near the end. And I was beyond heartbroken. Yet thrilled as well, because this book was epic.

I want to rage and scream and share about all the people who died in this book. I want to talk about it all. But I will not, because that would be sharing spoilers. And I want to see you all get shattered when you read it yourself, hah, like I did. Because this book murdered me. There is so much happening. There is so much death. Yet there is hope too. But so much death. And I must honestly say that I have never cried as much in a book as I did with Endsinger. It made me cry all the time. Which is just cruel, you know. But at the same time I loved this book to pieces. Because it has it all. It is written so well. I loved all the words. I loved all the characters. Though almost all the characters I loved ended up dead. How unfair. Yet so well done as well.

I had such high hopes for Endsinger. High hopes, and high fears. I won't say what happens. But I will say that I didn't expect all those deaths. I didn't see them coming at all. And that breaks my heart. Yet they also made so much sense, because there is a war, and people are cruel. People need to die. It happens. But it still hurts my heart. Because they were good people. Sigh. But enough about all that. There aren't only death in this book. There are also a lot of amazing moments. And all of this book made me happy.

We see more of Yukiko. And Buruu. Whom I adore more than anything. Yet holy crap. They go through so much in this book. And my heart cannot take it. Sobs. We learn the truth about Buruu's past. And it broke my heart. It was so perfect and real. I just loved reading about them both. They are the perfect match. This thunder tiger is the best. Sniffs. And Yukiko is amazing. I love how she grew in this book. I felt like she became a better person. Well. Except for one part that shattered me. Hmph. Still. Love her.

There are so many characters in this book. And I'm not going to mention them all. Just a few that I loved. Hana and Yoshi. They are perfect. And Akihito. And Michi. And oh. I still didn't like Kaori. But I might feel with her. Kind of. Then there is my Kin. I won't say anything about him. Just that he is my favorite character. And I love him to death. Yeah. I'm very thankful to Jay for writing Kin. He has a special place in my heart. Him and Yukiko. Sniffs. This book was just so beautiful. So perfect and sad.

The plot in Endsinger is stunning. There are things happening all the time. There are sea dragons. There are more thunder tigers. There is the Earthcrusher. Shudders. Then there are the demons. And the Endsinger. Oh, this book is creepy. And I loved it. It is horrifying. And I wanted more at all times. I was surprised at all the twists. All the deaths. Sweet moments, only to end badly. Those killed me a little. Yet I adored this book. I couldn't help it. It is the perfect ending to the trilogy. And it's all kinds of awesome.

Endsinger is a perfect final book in an amazing trilogy. It has it all. It is full of exciting moments, full of betrayals, full of adventure. There are so many surprising twists. And every moment of this book is perfection. I couldn't have loved it more. There are so many deaths. Which still breaks my heart. But there are also some happy moments. Bittersweet moments. And they are beautiful. This whole book was stunning. And I just loved it so much. You all need to read Endsinger in November. You will love it. <3

I could talk forever about this book. But I also don't want to give away spoilers, which is everything I want to talk about. So I'm not going to say much more. I just wanted to say that Endsinger was everything I wanted from the ending of this trilogy. It had it all. Well, there was one thing I was missing, but will be asking Jay about that part. But other than that, this book was breathtaking. And I just wanted to thank Jay for writing it. And beg him to write more from this world. I'll never have enough.

I cannot thank Mary at Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press enough for being so kind to send me this print ARC of Endsinger. <3 It meant the world to me. And I will treasure this book forever. My precious. I'm also so glad that I re-read the first two books before reading Endsinger, as I felt like I understood things better. Probably. And having read this book now, I cannot wait to read it again. Also so excited to get my hardcover of it. <3 Sigh. This book could not have been better. Well. Less deaths :D


  1. Murdered you? You will treasure it forever? I will totally have to get my hands on this ASAP!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I skimmed-read the review a bit, mostly cause I still haven't read Kinslayer, which I hope to start really soon! So happy to hear that despite all the heartbreak & deaths, you loved the book to bits!!

  3. So glad you loved it! I'm impatiently waiting for my copy to arrive. Great review!

  4. Woah, this review is epic! I haven't read this series, though I do have the first book with me. It's that good, huh? I must make time for it! Lovely review, Carina <3

  5. Sounds like an intense book! I really need to pick up the first one soon.

    Great post!


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