Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mini Review: The Last Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

This novella was evil. Pure evil. Yet so amazing. I loved every word of it. Though my heart might be a little bit broken. I want to start by saying that Jay Kristoff is awesome. He writes amazing books. Though they play with my heart. Which is highly unfair. But oh, how I love his books. Stormdancer and Kinslayer. <3 Now this.

The Last Stormdancer is an amazing novella. And I'm so glad that I read it. But pff. It took me eleven months to do so. Why, I do not know. I got the gorgeous signed print edition from Jay, so I might have been a bit scared to read it, lol. But I loved it. I loved it so much. But I'm also a bit sad, because it didn't end happily. Sniffs.

Which should be obvious, if you read the summary. This novella takes place a hundred years before Stormdancer. It is told from the point of view of the thunder tiger Koh. Whom I adored. She was fierce and brave and all kinds of adorable. But we also learn of Jun. And Ami. And there is so much happening in this little book yet also not enough. I knew it would end badly. And it does. But it is also a good ending, for some. But yes. There is evil in this book. We get to know how the Lotus Guild came into power. We get to see more of their cruel ways. What they do to those impure. And oh. I had forgotten how cruel this world Jay has created was. It is heartbreaking. Yet all kinds of amazing at the same time. I very much enjoyed reading this book. <3

I will now be re-reading Stormdancer and Kinslayer. <3 Because I might be getting an ARC of Endsinger this week. Which might kill me, just saying. I hadn't been planning on re-reading the books, but then I realized that it has been a year since the last time and I have read so many books since then. I must read them again. And I cannot wait. Because they are amazing. Anyway. The Last Stormdancer is a stunning novel. So good. The writing is amazing. You all need to read this novella. You really must.


  1. Ooh, it always excites me to hear when a novella is particularly well done because more often than not, I'm left disappointed. I still need to read this series though!! Seeing you cheerlead for it has definitely convinced me that it's a must-read ^^

  2. This novella was great and I loved it to bits too! I'm kinda happy I've pushed reading Kinslayer till closer to release date cause I'll have it fresher in my head!

  3. Eek! I keep forgetting I haven't started this series! I've meant to for ages, but you make me think I'll just keep on waiting until Endsinger is out so I can read them all together. :) Great review Carina!

  4. I still need to read Kristoff's Stormdancer! I always hear how awesome it is. Glad to hear that the novella is also amazing!

  5. Wow, a stunning novella sounds like a great addition


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