Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Stray by Elissa Sussman

I do not know why it took me five months to read this book. I had it as an eARC for ages, as I was so excited about it, but I was too afraid to start it, thinking I wouldn't enjoy it. Then yesterday I knew I had to try. And oh. I really loved this book. It was all kinds of awesome. And I'm so glad that I finally read it.

I've decided to give Stray four stars. Because while I really loved it, I also had a few small issues with it. Mainly that I wanted it to be longer. It ended too soon. And the romance. Sigh. I loved how sweet it was, but it was just a little bit too little. Hmph. I'm just so curious too. I need to know everything about everything.

I'm not sure how to begin talking about this book. I really enjoyed the writing. Which is always a plus. And I enjoyed the characters too. I also thought the plot was exciting and different. It took a little while before the most exciting parts happened, but I also enjoyed the beginning of the book. The parts where nothing much happened needed to be there, as we got to know a bunch of people that I grew to love. And I saw Aislynn grow as a person. Which I liked. As I enjoyed reading about her so much, as I loved that the book is from her point of view. Though, sobs. I want more from her. I do not feel like her part of the story is over with. Hmph. I need more of her romance. And her pain. I need it so badly. Want it so much.

There is so much to love about Stray. And I'm not going to mention all of it. Because the plot is awesome and I wouldn't be able to describe it right. Sigh. Just. There are different schools. There are princesses. And fairy godmothers. And mean people. And cute boys. And yeah. This book is just all kinds of awesome and I'm so happy that I read it. Also, there is no love triangle. Boy in the beginning could have been something, but he isn't, so nothing to worry about when it comes to that. Just so you know :)

I just really enjoyed this story a lot. I loved reading about Aislynn. And who she is as a person. And how she changes. I loved the way she thinks and such. She's just awesome. I was a bit unsure about her parents. But I think I grew to love them. Probably. I adored her fairy godmother, though. Sniffs. Want to know more about her. Also. Linnea. I liked her a lot too. And oh, I just need to know what will happen next. I need to know right away. Also. There is a wolf in this book. Which is all kinds of awesome.

There is a boy in this book. Thackery. I love his name. There is not much romance, but there is a little bit. And I really enjoyed it. As it is sweet and I loved reading about Thackery and Aislynn together. <3 I just. I need another book about them. Hmph. Just hoping so so much that there will be more of Aislynn's point of view in the next three books. <3 Crossing all my fingers. As I want to know more about her. As I adore her. And how she hurt herself. Sniffs. It broke my heart, yet it was just all kinds of awesome too.

There is magic in this book. And I'm a little bit confused about it. And I want to know more. Sigh. This book was just too short. And I have so many questions. Yet this book was also all kinds of awesome. So yeah. But yes. The magic. It seems to me that only females have it. Which is why they must all be controlled, so that they do not Stray. Hmph. That bothered me a whole lot. Yet I loved it too. It is just so well done. And I won't say more about it. Just that the plot is so awesome and I loved every part of it.

I thought Stray was a beautiful book. It is exciting and fun and heartbreaking too. The characters are stunning and the story is unique. I loved reading about all of it. And I cannot wait to read more. I just know this series will be epic. And I will be here for every book. I think you should all read Stray, and right away too. It is out in a week. So go order it. Because this book is awesome. And I'm just regretting not reading it sooner, hih. But so good. Sigh. Thank you to Greenwillow for auto-approval on Edelweiss. <3


  1. Glad you ended up liking this one Carina. You know it didn't work for me but I could see aspects that were strong. I think the writing wasn't my style or something. You'll have to let me know how the sequel is (if there will be one).

  2. So glad you liked this. And I agree that it was a great plot. Very different. Thanks for sharing htis.

  3. So happy to hear that there is no love triangle! And so curious about the book, I have seen quite a very reviews, quite varied, some really good, some not quite as good, so I'm happy you loved this one!

  4. Ha! I avoid books all the time out of fear of disliking them. It's great when you're surprised and end up loving it.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Stray is an enchanting original fairy tale that will completely captivate you. It surprisingly covers a lot of realistic issues in a fun and interesting way. I can honestly say that I have never read anything quite like this before!
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  6. I'm so happy you loved this one, C! I'm a little hesitant since it's a series and there's very little romance. I might have to wait for book 2 before I start it. :P
    Lovely review as always!

  7. Ooh, yay! I'm so glad you liked this one! I'm sorry you still had problems, but I'm seriously excited to read it now. :) Thackery is SUCH a great name! Great review Carina!!

  8. I thought this book was an interesting set-up and I'm definitely curious about the sequel. I only wish I enjoyed it as much as you did!

  9. This was a lovely retelling of ALL the fairy tales! (And I do love a good fairy tale retelling.) It took me a few pages to really get into the story, but once I did, I was hooked. I loved the way all of my favorites were turned on their heads. I can't wait to read the sequel! <3

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