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Review: Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Oh, you beautiful book. Sinner was amazing. But. It also made me so damn angry. And I can't decide how to feel about this book. I'm even crying. And not happy tears. But I loved Cole. I loved Cole with all my heart. Which is why this is a five star book for me. But Isabel. I doubt I will ever like her. I'm sorry.

I'm just so angry right now. And it bothers me. This book bothered me. And I need some answers. Sigh. I'm just very much upset about Sinner. About Isabel. About how cruel she was. About how mean she was towards Cole. About how she never changed. How she never showed love for Cole. Fuck it.

I'm just not happy. But at the same time, I did love this book. I loved Cole. He is an amazing character. And I loved reading about him so much. And his friends, Leon and Jeremy. They were awesome too. I did not like reading about Baby, but she was interesting. And a good plot, I think. But Isabel. Damn it. I wanted to love her so much. As I did like her in the Shiver books. But no. She's just. She's not kind. And I could have forgiven that. But she doesn't get better. And it just breaks my heart, because Cole is full of feelings and he deserves so much better. And oh. I just wanted him to get what he deserved. And in my eyes, that never happened. Sure, the ending is probably happy. But the things that I wanted to happen? They never fucking did. And I'm not pleased. Not at all. Okay, I did mostly love the book. Just, not Isabel.

I just don't know. I don't know how to talk about this book. Because all I want to do is cry and scream. I'm just not happy with who Isabel was as a person. I get that she was broken. That her family life isn't good. That she is broken because her brother is dead. But. That is no fucking excuse for acting like a bitch. And she did. I'm sorry, but she did. She was always cold and mean. Not only towards Cole. And with Cole. Cole loves her so much. And she just. She doesn't care that much. She doesn't trust him.

And I cannot. It upsets me so much. Isabel did a lot of things I hated in this book. She did this very awful thing that I will never forgive and she never told Cole about it. What the fuck. I'm not pleased at all. I kept waiting for her to say something. But she didn't. It was even the same night. And thinking about it kind of makes me a little sick, which didn't make that scene good, which were supposed to be beautiful, it wasn't good for me. I wanted to love her. But she never deserved my love. Not once.

I have so many feelings about it. But mostly I just didn't like Isabel. And it breaks my heart a little. Because Cole do love her. And I want him to be happy. But in my eyes, Isabel never made him happy. She only ever hurt his heart. All the damn time. And I just. I'm not okay with it. I'm not. I wanted her to care more. I wanted her to make up for how she acted. But she never did. Sure, that ending was kind of good, but it was too late for me. And way too little as well. Sigh. But I'll deal with it. Most likely.

Anyway. Enough about all that. This book was more about Cole. And Cole. Sigh. He is amazing. Oh, how I love Cole. Sure, he's done some bad things. But he is better now. He is kinder. More loving. And just all kinds of awesome. I hated how lonely he is. How no one is there for him. I wanted Isabel to be. But she wasn't. Damn it. I just wanted someone to hug my Cole. Someone to love him. To care for him. Instead I got a bunch of people disliking him. This girl punching him, hurting him. No one comforting him. Sobs.

It just broke my heart. All of it. And it's making me cry even now. Which is kind of weird. I'm not supposed to care this much, I think. But I do. And I wanted the best for Cole. And I just. I wanted deleted scenes. I want to read about people caring for Cole. About Cole being happy. Because there is not enough of that in this book. Not enough at all. But music. There is a lot of  music. And I loved that so much. Amazing story. And that makes Cole happy. And I loved reading about him making music.

Another thing that bothered me a little in Sinner. The Wolf part of Cole. There is too little of it. And it seemed like it was a bad thing. He took some kind of drug to become a wolf for five minutes. Which I loved. But it seemed like a bad thing. And that broke my heart. I want Cole to be a wolf too. To be happy about it. Because being a wolf is a huge part of Cole. And yeah. I kind of want another book, lol. Anyway. I just felt like there was too little about the wolf part in this book. But I'm okay with it. Mostly.

Because Sinner was a great book. And I did love reading about Cole. So much. I loved reading about the things he did. I just. I didn't like reading about Isabel. I'm not forgiving her. I'm not. I wanted her to be better. To do things better. But she didn't. Damn it. I just wanted so much. Sigh. But I'm also happy with this book. Because Sinner was full of feelings. It was full of heartbreak. And it was full of Cole. Who is the best. So for the most part Sinner was an amazing book. Which is why it's a five star for me.

I'm so happy I started reading these books. I started with Shiver, Linger and Forever this week. I loved those books to pieces. And I need more of Sam and Grace. Then I read Sinner now. There is too little of them in this book. A few very short phonecalls. Hmph. I need more, hih. But anyway. I loved these books. Just as I love Maggie. I have read most of her books now, and I have loved them all. I cannot wait to read whatever she writes next. Anyway. You should all read Sinner. <3 As it is pretty awesome.


  1. I get this weird feeling Isabel did something I completely disapprove of and if she did, that's kind of super crappy of her.

    I still don't plan on reading the rest of the books but I am kind of getting slightly mad just hearing about how badly Isabel treats Cole because coming from a broken family doesn't give you an excuse to be a jerk. It never has and never will *sigh*

    I am glad though that in spite of everything, you could love this book :)

    Lovely review, Carina!!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  2. I've had a soft spot for Isabel in Shiver and now I'm really curious to see what she did that made you so upset. I think the way you feel about her reminds me of the way I felt about Calla in Nightshade.

    I'm glad you were able to enjoy the book though. I've always like Cole and now I'm super excited to read more of him at least!

    -P.E @ The Sirenic Codex

  3. Awww, sorry Isabel bothered you so much. I'm glad you could still love Cole and parts of the book. Great review!

  4. Sorry that this wasn't perfect. I'm still looking forward to reading it when it gets to my library.

  5. I will be reading the whole series by the end of the year, I'm sure! Since all the books have got 5 stars from you, and I love Maggie and her writing!
    Sorry that the book made you feel so sad and upset about Cole, but it's a sign of a great book connecting so much to it!

  6. Def seems like the heartbreak and emotions were turned up a notch even if it wasn't perfect

  7. I love that you devoured this whole series this week. Sam and Grace will forever remain my favorites as well. I loved Cole's development in this book. He's a mess, but he's working on it. Isabel drove me crazy too. She was so prickly and unlikable. Near the end, she definitely went off the depend and I was angry with her. I was happy with their conclusion, but not as emotionally satisfied as I hoped.

  8. If you liked the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and especially if you're like me and a big fan of Cole, this is something you don't want to miss out on. However, if you haven't read the series, I feel like this could be read on it's own and you'd enjoy just the same. There's references to things that happened in the previous books but they tell you enough about what's happened that I don't think you'd be lost.
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