Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: The Fall by Bethany Griffin

I knew when I first read about this book that I would most likely love it. And then I was able to read it early. Took me some weeks to be brave enough to start it, but today I really wanted to. So I did. And I was not able to stop reading. A few small things bothered me, but for the most part I loved this book.

I probably won't be able to get my thoughts quite together for this review. As I'm not sure what I should share and what I should not share. I just want to talk about that ending. I want to talk about those deaths. I want to talk about all that horror. And the few gorgeous relationships that ended way too soon. Ack.

First I want to say that I really loved the writing in this book. I found it to be stunning. And I really loved reading about Madeline. I found her to be an amazing character. And I loved that the book is from her point of view. She's a bit crazy. Yet so adorable. I wish we had known even more about her. Well, that there had been more to know. Yet I still managed to love her. At first I thought I wouldn't like how this book was written. With a lot of it told from the past. When Madeline was Ten. Thirteen. Fifteen. A lot of different ages. And I loved reading all of them. The chapters are really short. Yet also really amazing. Most of the book is when she is Seventeen and Eighteen. And oh. I loved those the most. But I did love all the chapters.

Madeline has a twin brother. Roderick. At first I thought he was younger than her. But then he was her twin. And I loved that part even more. They were so close as children. But then he got sent away to school at age ten. And it broke my heart. Because he is so distant. He isn't there for Madeline. And it hurt. I wanted him to care more. But thing is, I do not doubt that he loves her more than anything. Yet he still left her alone in that house. Which bothered me. Sigh. Still. I did love her brother a whole lot.

Madeline Usher's family is cursed. The house they live in is cursed. They can never truly leave. And ohh. This book is creepy! So damn creepy. And awful. And just perfect at the same time. I really loved it. A lot of the book focus on the curse. On this house. And I loved that. I loved learning more about it. Though it was creepy. I felt like I could have known more about the curse, but at the same time I think I know how it started. The dream she had about the first Usher. Shudders. So awful. So very perfect.

There are a lot of relationships in this book. And some confused me. Some I hated. A few I wanted more about. First Madeline and Roderick. I wanted them to be closer near the end. That broke my heart. Yet I loved reading about their relationship. So real and honest. I adored them. We see a little bit of a girl named Emily. Not enough. Sobs. But enough for me to love her a little. She was pretty amazing. And the dog. Cassandra. Oh. So big and loyal and loving. I really loved reading about this dog. So protective.

Then there are the doctors in this house. As there are many of them living there. They keep checking Madeline. Seeing her naked all the time, I think. That grossed me out. Especially when a new doctor arrived. Dr. Winston. He was very young. And handsome. And Madeline kind of liked him a little. And it was not okay with me. I didn't like him. And he just got more and more creepy. To me, that is, lol. Yet he needed to be a part of the story. I think. Probably. He was interesting to read about at least. Kind of.

We learn a little bit about Roderick at school. His best friend, Noah. Whom we get to meet a couple of times. And near the ending. Swoon. I ended up loving him a whole lot. But oh. I felt like I didn't get to know him nearly enough. Not enough at all. I want a sequel with him. <3 Fingers crossed. Anyway. I'm not sure what to say about romance in this book. A little bit? It didn't bother me that much. Because I loved the book so much. I loved Madeline so much. Mostly I just loved all of it very much, lol. So good.

I don't want to say much more about this book. I don't want to give away the plot. Though not all that much happens. There are a lot of small things. A lot of creepy things. Awful things. Horrible things. And they were all amazing to read about. This book scared me a little. And I loved every moment. I'm just so glad that I read it. I just never wanted it to end. Okay. That ending. I did love it. But I also felt it was a bit sudden. I want a bit more. So I'm still hoping for a sequel. <3 Would really, really love to read one.

Huge thank you to Greenwillow Books / HarperTeen for the auto approval on Edelweiss that made me able to read and review The Fall early. <3 I'm so glad that I did. Because I loved it. And I cannot wait to own it as well. I found The Fall to be a beautiful book. Full of mystery, horror and a few sweet moments. It was a truly stunning novel. And I cannot wait to read even more by Bethany. <3 She is amazing. Anyway. You all need to read this book. It comes out in October. So go pre-order it right away. <3


  1. Eek!! I'm so glad you loved this!! I really loved Masque of the Red Death, but didn't like Dance of the Red Death as much--but I was so pleased to see she was writing another Poe retelling. I LOOOVE Poe. :) I can't wait to read this!! Great review!!

  2. YAY for loving this! That cover freaks me out. I don't do horror very well, and this one sounds like the slower more subtle type of dread that builds over time. That can get very scary. I love a strong sibling bond, and light romance is ok, but that doctor sounds really CREEPY.

  3. I am sold. I am so reading this when I get the chance! Although it does sound creepy, I can sense the tangle of relationships that go throughout the pages. I'm curious to know more about Madeline and Roderick. Thanks for the great review!

    Precious @ Fragments of Life

  4. I already thought this one sounded fantastic, even if I sort of DFNed Masque of the Red Death... but after reading your review, I need to give this book a chance and this author another chance for sure!
    Thanks for a great review, Carina!

  5. The setting and characters sounds great and glad to hear that you enjoyed

  6. I'm super tempted to go see if this one is still on Edelweiss - you make it sound so great!

    Lovely review :)

  7. I really liked the beginning and the overall creepiness, but I was let down by the ending and the middle part was a bit boring :( I'm happy you loved it!


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