Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger messed with my heart. In a bad way. And in a good way. Because oh, how I loved this book. I loved it so much. Yet I also hated it. Because it made me feel so much. And it broke my heart into a million pieces. Yet it is also so beautiful and full of hope. Kind of. It is a perfect book. And I'm so happy I read it.

I'm not even sure where to begin. There is so many things happening in Linger. So many new people to meet. Like Cole. Hmph. I cannot decide how I feel about him. Sometimes I liked him. But most of the time I disliked him. He did some awful stuff. But I am very curious about this part of his past. Hmm.

Then there is more of Isabel. Whom I still love. Though I hate how she is with Sam sometimes. Just, so unfair. Sigh. But I loved reading about Isabel and Cole together. So cute. So adorable. And so awful too. I think they would be perfect together. Though, hah, I have read the summary for Sinner. Which is making me very nervous about Forever.. fingers crossed I will love both. And I do think that I will. Now I'm just dying to get started on Forever. Because the ending of Linger? It is beyond cruel. Such an evil and awful ending. Yet I loved it. So different. So awesome. But yeah. Very glad I have the next book with me. :)

So the point of views. There is Cole and Isabel, whom I mentioned. Then there is more of Sam and Grace. And sigh. Sam will still forever be my favorite boy. And my favorite character in these books. He is just. He is perfect. And perfectly broken. We see a little bit more of that in this book. Yet not enough. Never enough. I have this weird thing about broken boys, lol, and I kind of want him to fall apart again. And I want and need Grace to be there with him. Be there for him. Yeah. I want that. <3

But I don't only love Sam. I also adore Grace. She is still an amazing character. Though some things she did in this book made me a little frustrated. My favorite thing about book one was that Grace and Sam were sleeping together in her bed each night. But then. Early in this book her dad finds them in bed. And it's awful. My god. I could not hate her parents more. They never cared for her before. And they are being dickheads. I will never forgive or like them. How cruel they were towards Sam. It just. Sobs.

Anyway. I wanted Grace to stand up to them more. To tell them that she decided what she did and who she did it with. But she don't. Well, not right away. And that bothered me. Because I would never be okay with it. Not with how little her parents cared for her already. Grrr. I get that they might have been upset with her in bed with him. But I don't get why they have an issue with it. To me, I think it makes sense for them to share a bed. They are old enough. They are in love. And they should decide for themselves.

I just love the plot in these books. The wolves. How Sam is now fully human. How Grace is changing. That broke my heart. And it broke my heart that she and Sam are apart for a lot of this book. But they are still together. So I didn't hate it. Just. I wanted them together all the time, lol. Because their romance is still the sweetest. And I adore them together. And they are so happy with each other. Sigh. And omg. I love that Sam sings and plays the guitar. He is beyond adorable and amazing. I love him.

I don't want to say too much of Linger. Just that I thought it was amazing. And I loved every moment. Even the heartbreaking parts. Sniffs. Even that ending. But my god. I hate her parents. I just. I want them gone. Which is not very nice of me, but it is the truth. Anyway. Linger was such a stunning book. So much romance. So much heartbreak. So much exciting. I'm so glad I read it. And I will be starting Forever in a little bit. I cannot wait. But I also don't want this trilogy to be over. Sigh. I'm not ready :)


  1. A cruel ending? Sounds like I should buy FOREVER before I start it then. Sounds like such a heartbreaking story! I keep putting it off, but it sounds like I should start rereading SHIVER and then catch up!

    Great review :)

  2. Ah yay! You loved this one too! :) I'm just jealous you get to read them all in succession instead of waiting like I had to. :) I didn't love Forever, but I hope you do!

  3. Well, I know I have to buy the trilogy set and binge read them soon after you have loved both Shiver and Linger! And I feel like you'll love Forever too.
    Thanks for the great review sweetie!

  4. You are bringing all the emotions of this book back to me! I just re read SHIVER and it was so amazing. I felt so incredibly sad for Sam, but I just loved him and Grace together. I agree, Grace's parents are terrible in this story. But I love how much Sam and Grace love each other. And Cole grew on me a great deal. I ended up liking him more than Isabel by the end. Hope you LOVE Forever as much as this one!!

  5. Linger is a very poignant, emotional and touching story. This book captivated me and invoked many, many emotions for me. Grace and Sam went through so much in the first book and I thought that their new life would have such happiness but I was so very wrong. When I finished reading all I wanted to do was cry. I hope the next book in the series makes me happier.
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