Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cover Reveal: Kalahari by Jessica Khoury

Sharing the cover for Kalahari today. <3 And omg. I think it looks stunning. So pretty. And I love the colors. Sigh. I just cannot wait to read this book :D As I adore Jessica. She is amazing. And I have loved all her books so far. Origin and Vitro. Both books were awesome. So I just know that Kalahari will be too. And omg. Just read that summary. <3 Doesn't it sound perfect? I think so. Now I'm just waiting for February 24th 2015. The days need to go faster. Because I need this book. <3 I'm just so excited to get to know Sarah and Sam :D They sound awesome. Ack. I need this. Now. What do you think of the cover?

KALAHARI tells the story of Sarah Carmichael, a girl who has lived in one remote location after the next with her zoologist parents. Sarah is an expert on animals, speaks multiple languages, and is well versed in survival skills--but when it comes to talking to teens her own age, she's awkward and shy. Now, just six months after her mother was killed in an auto accident, Sarah and her dad are hosting a two-week safari for five city kids. Sarah dreads the trip, but when one of their guests turns out to be handsome, friendly Sam Quartermain, she wonders if it might be so bad after all.

But things quickly take a turn toward disastrous after Sarah's father disappears and the kids are left on their own. After fleeing from an attack by murderous poachers, they discover a ruined Corpus laboratory deep in the Kalahari--where a lethal engineered virus has escaped and turned the local animals into crazed, bloodthirsty monsters. Desperate to cover up the terrible pathogen they created, Corpus is determined to eliminate all witnesses to their catastrophic experiment--and Sarah, Sam, and the other kids are first on their list. Hunted by mercenaries, hit men, and an infected lion, Sarah must summon the strength and wits to stay alive in one of the world's most deadly deserts...but in the ruthless wilderness of the Kalahari, there is no water, no safety, and no place to hide.

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  1. I still haven't read any of her books, but I have Origin in my Kindle, so hopefully soon!
    It is a gorgeous cover! Thanks for sharing sweetie!


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