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Review: Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake

I don't know how to deal with my feelings for Mortal Gods. I'm so glad that I got to read it early. Waiting until October would have been painful, lol. But oh. The wait for book three will now be longer and full of pain. Because there is a cliffhanger ending in this book. Yet not too awful. Pfff. Who am I kidding. Awful ending. And I loved every moment of it. It was awesome.

I feel like I should give you a warning that my review will contain spoilers for book one. Which should kind of be obvious, but just in case, I'm letting you know. Because there is something I need to talk about, that happened in Antigoddess. And oh. I need to talk about it. Sniffs. Anyway. Mortal Gods was an amazing book. It gave me all the feelings. So many feelings.

In Antigoddess my favorite character was Cassandra. But not in Mortal Gods. In this book, my favorite character was Athena. And I loved that most of the book is from her point of view. I think she is amazing. Strong. Brave. Loving. Yet alone. It just didn't seem fair to me. My heart broke for her so much. I just wanted her to be happy. I wanted people to love her. To understand her. But I don't think they do. Maybe Hermes. But only him. Cassandra was so mean to her. I didn't like the person she became. But I got it. For the most part. Yet I couldn't fully love Cassandra in this book. Ack. She just.. she changed so much.

So yes. Cassandra. I can't. I wanted to love her so bad. But I had huge issues with her in this book, like I said. I hated how she acted towards Athena. It wasn't fair. Not at all. Sigh. But I loved her friendship with Ody in the beginning of the book. It was sweet. If only she hadn't been so mean with Athena. Grrr. But I also understand her. And I do like Cassandra. My heart is breaking for her. Because it has been three months since Aidan died. And she is still not okay. Neither am I. I cannot forget or forgive it.

I had hoped it had been a mistake. But no. I had hoped he could be brought back. But no. But then. There wasn't much time for that kind of thing in this book. And I will continue to hope for the next book. <3 Because I think Cassandra can change again. I think she can become better, if Aidan gets back from the dead. Because, you know, he is a god. And oh. I just wish. I wish there was something Kendare could do about it. Because it still breaks my heart. I wanted Aidan there so much. I wanted more of him.

There is so much in Mortal Gods. So much happening. So many new characters. Like Ares. Oh. I cannot decide how I feel about him. He was creepy. He killed so many. But I also liked him a little. A great villain to read about. He isn't quite.. right. In a way. Him and Aphrodite. She I did dislike. Because she murdered Aidan. Sobs. But yeah. We get to know more about her in this book. How she is dying, as all the gods are. And I did like reading about her. But yes. I would not mind it if she was dead, hih.

My second favorite character in these books are Hermes. Oh, how I adore him! He is amazing to read about. His comment to Ody in the forest. Sigh. I adore Hermes. But holy crap. My heart is breaking over the way he is dying. It is not fair. It is so painful. And awful. And I loved reading every second of it. Sigh. I just need more of Hermes. I also like Henry and Andie. They are still pretty adorable. Though I do wish they would choose to get their memories back. That would be pretty sweet to watch, hih.

I ship Athena and Ody so much in this book. I love his full name, but I cannot spell it or even say it in my head, lol. But I love it. Anyway. I think they would fit together so well. Sniffs. And be so adorable together. But I'm starting to think that will not happen. Grrr. There are so many issues for them. Like this new girl. Damn it. Calypso. I do not like her. At all. And it hurt my heart that she was there. Because they all loved her. Except for Athena. And they were more caring towards Cally. I didn't approve. Sniffs.

I don't know how I felt about Ody in this book. Hmph. I still adore him, but I hated how be acted around Calypso. Though. I do get that it isn't her fault. But I wanted her gone. Gone gone gone. And I wanted him to make a choice. He didn't. And that pissed me off a little. I don't want him to break Athena's heart. But I suppose it will happen. And I do not approve. Sniffs. Anyway. Another new character. Achilles. I cannot decide about him. I liked him. I disliked him. But he was amazing to read about.

I found Mortal Gods to be a stunning book. Full of action, suspense, romance and heartbreak. It was an amazing sequel to a perfect first book. I cannot wait to finish this series. The next book will be epic. I just know it. And I cannot wait to get to read it. <3 This book was just all kinds of amazing. And I'm so glad I got to read it early. I will not say much more about it. Just that so much happens. And it is amazing. And horrible. And creepy. And a little sweet. And so my heartbreak. I loved it to pieces.

HUGE thank you to Tor Teen for sending me this gorgeous print ARC of Mortal Gods. <3 I'm so glad that I got to read it early. Despite how much it hurt my heart. Sniffs. Waiting for book three is going to be torture. But anyway. I will always treasure my copy of this book. And I cannot wait to get the finished version in October as well. So excited. And excited to read this series again someday too. When my heart can handle it, lol. You all need to read Mortal Gods. It is an amazing sequel to an awesome book.


  1. I love when the sequel is just as loveable!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. YES!! I'm so happy to hear you loved Mortal Gods as much as you loved Antigoddess! I cannot wait to read it!!

  3. Sound like a interesting book, love your review! :)

  4. Sounds like a story worth checking out!

  5. I still have to read Antigoddess! I think I have a copy somewhere... I really should get to that. It sounds like you LOVED this one, so I'll be sure to start the series. Wonderful review, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. I skimmed because I don't want spoilers, but I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much Carina! I need to read Antigoddess soon! :) Great review!!

  7. I have heard amazing things about this series, and as I do want to start it soon, I shall have to come back to read your review. But I'm glad that this series is going strong for you Carina! :)

  8. I just glanced over your review since I'll be reading this one soon. You know of my love for Kendare and her writing so I'm so excited to see that 5 star rating!

  9. Hmmmmm sounds kinda love triangle-y then?! I haven't read the first book yet but definitely wanted to. But I don't like the sound of the main romance. :(


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