Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Gasp by Lisa McMann

I'm glad I decided to read this trilogy. Because I have enjoyed it. The books are short and easy to read. They are fun and exciting. A bit weird at times, but also adorable. I enjoyed Gasp the most, but didn't fully love it, which is why it is a four star read for me. Despite not fully loving it, I did enjoy it a lot :)

First I want to start by talking about those gorgeous covers. All three are stunning. And I'm glad I own these books. Sigh. They are just so pretty, hih. And the eyes are gorgeous. Then there is the writing. I didn't have an issue with it in this book. Which made me happy. I found it to be more fun and easier to read.

I love that these books are told from the point of view of Jules. As I still adore her. She's silly and smart and kind. I do love her. And her crazy family, lol. Trey is still just all kinds of amazing. I love him and Ben together. Swoon. They are so cute, hih. And I do adore Rowan as well. Though I would have loved to get to see her boyfriend being there. Loved reading about him, though.

There is just so much in this book yet so little at the same time. It is a fast read and an exciting one. We see more of the vision thing. Learn more details about it, which I liked. Though I still don't get why Jules is so obsessed with having to solve it all, hih. But I also understand her a little. Maybe. Anyway. It was very interesting to read about, yet also a little silly, but I liked it. And I did like getting to know a few more characters. Like Tori. Fine, I didn't like her much, lol, but she was interesting to read about.

I do think that Gasp was an amazing book. And I did enjoy it a lot. And I thought this was a great trilogy. And I cannot wait to read more books by Lisa. <3 As she is awesome. And I suggest that you all read this trilogy. And if you have read book one and two, then you must hurry and pick up Gasp right away. Because it is worth it. I'm glad I read the books. As they were fun. And interesting. And exciting. And sweet and sad and heartbreaking and weird and silly. I did enjoy them all. Honest. So go read them :)

I just. I'm giving this book a four start because I felt like it ended too soon. There is still so much I want and need to know. So this will be a little spoilery, sorry about that. But yess. I need to know what happens with the restaurant. I need to know what happens with Sawyer's family. Do they ever get better? Do the family drama stop? I need to know. ACK. lol. And then the sexy times. There are a lot. And so awkward and hot. Yet they never have sex. Which bothered me. It was leading up to it, but it never happened. Sniffs. Okay, fine, it isn't that awful that it didn't happen. But I wanted to know that it did.


  1. Wow! You read them pretty fast! I'm still in the middle of this one. Glad it turned out well. :)

  2. I haven't heard of this one, sounds really good!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. Heh, reading your "there are a lot of sexy times" "but they're awkward" "but they're hot" "yet they never had sex" part made me laugh. JUST GET ON WITH IT, KIDS. Hee hee hee.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. I've only read the first, but have the others coming up soon

  5. YAY! Glad you enjoyed this the most, Carina! I am definitely intrigued by this series, and Jules sounds like a great character. And I am still intrigued by Dawyer. I definitely can't wait to meet the two of them and see how their story wraps up. I'm glad you enjoyed this, despite your concerns. Great review, girl! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 


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