Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Hysteria by Megan Miranda

I'm trying to decide how I felt about this book. I loved it. I enjoyed it. I liked the characters. I liked the writing. It made my heart race. But I also had a few tiny problems with it; which is why I'm giving it a four star. But for the most part I loved it. I enjoyed everything about it. And I cannot wait to own this book in February. <3 It truly is a must read book. Also, I adore Megan Miranda. She's amazing. Unsure which cover I like the best. But sharing the UK cover, since I got the UK edition via NetGalley :)

Hysteria is a pretty amazing book. I'm starting to see that I love reading thriller and mystery books. This book is a thriller book. And while a few things about that wasn't as scary as it could have been, it still made my heart race and it scared me. And I loved it. There is also this mystery about the murder. And I liked that. Even though the truth is kind of heartbreaking. But it's real and I appreciate that a lot. I like real books.

There is a lot of amazing characters in Hysteria. First there is the main character; Mallory. I liked her. I really did. She's kind and broken. But also strong. In a way. This book is about her finding out the truth about the night she killed her boyfriend. She doesn't remember. And I loved reading about her remembering. Even though it was painful. It was also amazing. She is very broken. And I loved that about her. Made her more real. And loveable. I also kind of liked her parents; which isn't that normal for me ;p

Mallory has a best friend; Colleen. While she wasn't in this book all the time, she was there enough. And I loved getting to know her. She's a true best friend. A bit wild; but I loved that about her. Also. I hated Mallory's ex-boyfriend. The dead one. Brian. And his brother, Dylan. But I did enjoy reading about them, because they fit well with the plot. Even though I hated them. Hih. Anyway. After the murder, Mallory moves seven hours away to a boarding school. Which was pretty awesome, to be honest.

While there she meets some new people. Like Bree. And Krista. I actually liked Bree at first. She seemed very kind. But she got mixed up with the wrong people, and it didn't end very well. Was a bit sad about that. But still. And Krista.. I didn't like her at all. But she made an awesome character ;) She spent a lot of time with this dude, Jason. And god. I hated him even more. Total asshole. Violent, abusive asshole. But I also liked that he was a part of this book, even though that's kind of twisted.

Then there is Reid. The love interest. I liked him. Even though I kind of felt like the romance was a bit rushed at times, but the romance was also maybe my favorite part of this book. Reid is amazing. He's kind and trusting. He's known Mallory from years before; because of their dads. They kind of have a history. A bit depressing. But also amazing. I loved the romance between Mallory and Reid. I just wish there had been more. Wish there had been more near the end, but I still liked the ending. :)

Hysteria is a thriller book. There is a lot of scary scenes. And I loved that so much. Loved those scenes in the woods. That was pretty amazing ;p While there is a lot of mysteries, there is also some scenes that are a bit obvious. But even so. They never failed to scare me. I also very much liked the writing, it's pretty good. This is an amazing novel. And I'm hoping very much that there might be a sequel. Even though I'm pretty sure there doesn't need to be. Still, I want it. I would read it :)

This is a book that you must read. If you are lucky, you might get accepted to read it early via NetGalley, like I did :) Otherwise you must wait until February. But it is worth the wait. It truly is an amazing book. I'm unsure what else to say about it, though (A) Just that I loved it lots, and I want more. And yeah. You really need to read it :) You won't be disappointed. Promise.
Thank you to NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (UK & ANZ) for the chance to read early. <3

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