Saturday, November 24, 2012

In My Mailbox #56

Hi! I might have gotten some things this week as well. Hih. I adore it all. <3 Sigh. Also. didn't really read this week either. Read Renegade last Sunday. And read a short-story last night; The Queen's Army. Still not wanting to read anything. Hopefully this weekend, or next week. We'll see :) Don't want to push it, or it might end up with me not wanting to read at all anymore. Anyway. I got two Disney Store packages this week :D More coming next week. <3 Can't wait! Also got some books and other things ;p
What did you get this week?

Twilight Complete Archive. Second copy. First one was damaged inside, so got a free one :) Gorgeous.
Shiver - Linger - Forever - Lament - Ballad. Had the first three books, but now I have all :D Such a pretty box set. It was cheap too. And I kind of adore Maggie's books. So needed these two :)
Divergent/Insurgent. Second copy. Heh. Got this one free, because damage to the first one. Perfect! <3
Soul Screamers Volume 2. Have Volume one ;p Have not yet read this series. But I will! Someday :)
Monsters Inc. Sigh. I love this movie. So I needed to get a few of these gorgeous books. So pretty.
On The Road. Another movie-tie-in :) Have not yet seen the movie, but I have it on my laptop :D
Harry Potter 1. Special edition :D Have number 4 too. Want them all ;p So pretty. Love the cards :)
The Treachery of Beautiful Things. So pretty. Unsure if I will like the book, but now I own it :D Hih.
Poison Princess. A lot of people seemed to love this book. I hope I will too. It does look amazing :)
Unspoken. Will NOT read this book until I have the sequel. But I will read it. Sigh. So beautiful.
A Million Suns. Gorgeous paperback! Still, first cover is my favorite. Short Shades of Earth teaser. <3
The Lost Prince. Well, yeah, second copy. It is gorgeous. And I did love this book. Teaser inside too. <3

Breaking Dawn towel. Heh. Not sure I will ever use this one. But it is so so pretty. <3 I love it.
Beautiful Creatures movie-tie-in. I loved this book. But HATE the movie-Ethan. So sad about it :\
Hih. I kind of adore Britney Spears. So I just needed this DVD/CD. It does look pretty awesome :)
The Casual Vacancy. I think it's called. JK Rowling's new book. Norwegian sample for it :)
Beautiful Creatures movie-tie-in. Smaller version :) These two books are gorgeous though. They are.
Wreck-It Ralph book. Second copy. But so so so gorgeous. Sigh. I want many more. These are perfect.
Breaking Dawn CD. Sigh. Well. You all should know about my love for Robert Pattinson :) Needed.
How To Train Your Dragon: Gift of a Nightfury :D Well. Maybe it's called that (A) Norwegian version, though ;p Bought the UK version a year ago. Sigh. I adored this gorgeous movie. Too much love.
Donald Duck's Christmas Tales. Ah. I love this blu-ray. So gorgeous. Cannot wait to watch it all :D
Puss in Boots. Well. I adored Puss in the Shrek movies :D Haven't watched this one yet ;) Soon, I hope.
Wreck-It Ralph CD. Sigh. I neeed this one. I NEED TO WATCH WRECK-IT RALPH! Stupid Norway.
My fourth Angry Birds ball. Was missing this one :D So pretty. I love these. Angry Birds is awesome ;)
Brave 3 disc. Brave 5 disc. These are PERFECT! So damn gorgeous. Gonna watch all the extra stuff very very soon I hope :D Sigh. Cannot wait to watch this perfect movie again. Been some time. <3
Timmy Time playground :D Ahhh. I love Timmy Time. Heh. He is just adorable. Also. Because I SUCK, I forgot to take a picture of my gorgeous Night-Night Timmy plush :( He is GORGEOUS. So cute.

First Disney Store package! Cinderella doll pack. <3 They are all gorgeous. Cannot wait to open them :)
Robert Pattinson calendar. This one is amazing. So many pretty pictures ;) Sigh. I love Rob so much.
The Dark Light. Well... I needed this book. I did. Hih. It just seems pretty awesome :) Hope I'll love it ;)
Castle in the Sky comic book. First Castle in the Sky book :D Getting the others as well ;) Gorgeous.
Tales from Earthsea. Since the first one went missing, had to get a new one. Gorgeous film, though :D
Princess Mononoke figure. I now own a lot of these figures :D Perfect. A little damaged. But pretty.
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another Disney Store package :D They are all so perfect. Love them.
Edward Wedding Doll. My god. He is gorgeous! Have the first two regular E/B barbie dolls, they are both perfect. But yeah. This one is my favorite. He's just perfect. A bit damaged hair, though :\

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  1. I'd love to see some pics of your shelves and your disney collections! I'd love lots of disney stuff but oh where would I put them all
    LOL! I really like the monster high dolls, they are just fabulous!

    great haul of gorgeous things hun!

    1. :D I will be doing that. Soon. Maybe. Don't have enough book shelves at the moment ;p Thank you. <3

  2. wow you are lucky:) Love shiver and linger. Have forever too, but haven`t read it yet:)

  3. I quite liked The treachery of beautiful things and I want to read Poison Princess <3 Puss in boots and brave! I seriously need to watch those two movies. I have my fingers crossed that I get them for Christmas.


  4. OMG OMG Shades of Earth teaser in the pb of A Million Suns! I honestly didn't even consider that. If I don't win Beth Revis' giveaway I might just have to pick up a copy myself.

    You got so many great books! Happy reading.

  5. Rob Pattinson is hot! I hope youll enoy Unspoken, I enoyed it so much. Great haul!

  6. What is in the Twilight Archive? I'm ordering the book set w/white covers, is it movies or books you got?
    Bella's Bookshelf

  7. That calendar is kind of amazing! And wow, it looks like you got a ton of great books this week! I really need to start The Soul Screamers series. I've been seeing them around everywhere, but I haven't gotten a chance to start the series. OH! And On The Road is probably one of my favorite books of all time!

    Great haul!
    My StS

  8. Lucky girl! You received so many awesome books this week. I adored Unspoken and I hope you do too, Poison Princess, The Treachery of Beautiful Things and The Lost Prince all sound terrific, too. :) Happy reading, Carina!

  9. Wow, great haul. I bought Poison Princess this week and can't wait to start it. I am currently reading The Lost Prince. Happy Reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

  10. Oh, I have On the road book too! I got it for my birthday, I still need to read it though :P SOON! :) Robert Pattinson - HA! I SAW HIM! :D :D Last week :P :P Yeah, he is gorgeous :P

    Greetings from rainy Scotland! :) ;)

    1. <3 Yay! Happy that you did ;) I got to see him on my 18th birthday last year ;p He was SO CLOSE. Got two autographs. <33 best moment of my life :)
      *Hugs* <3

  11. Unspoken is AMAZING! I hope you enjoy it! :D

  12. I'd love to see your bookshelves. You seem to have this drive to buy every other versions of a book! :) Anyway, enjoy all your books this week, Carina!

    1. Hiiih, I do. <3 I have so many copies of the books that I love... heh. But I adore them all :) I will be sharing pics of my shelves.. someday. It won't happen until my apartment is built, and I have room to buy more shelves. For right now almost half my books are on the floor. And it does not look pretty at the moment ;p But I will share once I get everything sorted :D Thank you. <3

  13. Oh wow! Another amazing haul. You honestly have the most impressive mailbox posts. :) I know exactly why you won't read Unspoken until the sequel is out (good call!), but I hope when you do, you enjoy it as much as I did! It's one of my favourite books of the year. :)

    Have a nice week hun!

    1. <3 thank you sweetie :) I do hope that I will love it :D


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