Saturday, November 3, 2012

In My Mailbox #53

I might have gotten a lot this week. Maybe. And I might be waiting for even more.. Heh :D Loves it all, though. <3 Have gotten another new obsession. Rise of the Guardians. The movie isn't out yet, and it probably won't come to Norway, but I'm still so excited about it :) Other movies I'm DYING to see: Wreck-It Ralph. Hotel Transylvania. Need those movies. Truly. <3 And Paranorman. And Frankenweenie. None of those are here in my town in Norway.. They all need to be out on Blu-ray soon. <3
What did you get this week?

Crewel. I got accepted via NetGalley for this book, but never got to read it. Soon, though, I hope ;)
Touching the Surface. Won this via the Author. <3 So happy. Hoping I will like it :) Pretty cover ;p
Darkbeast. Very excited to read this book! Seems like a perfect middle grade book. <3 Love the cover :)
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Loved my DVD copy of this movie. Just needed the blu-ray :D
The Evolution of Mara Dyer. Second copy of this book. <3 Just waiting for my signed copy now (A)
Rebel Heart. Sniffs. Two copies.. Not sure I will ever be brave enough for this book. Still, gorgeous.
Zathura. Well.. Cause I kind of adore Kristen. Sometimes. So I needed this movie :) Pretty good.
Divergent + Insurgent Box Set. Love. But also a few issues with it. But it's gorgeous. Perfect books.
Insurgent Collectors Edition. Hmm. Not perfect :\ But PERFECT collectors edition! Love it.
Mortal Instruments Rune Bracelet. Love my bracelet. <3 It's gorgeous. 10 different runes :)
Fearless Key Fob. I love it. It's gorgeous. And it fits well with my Fearless tattoo ;) Hih. <3
Tracker Leather Cuff. Adore. Hebel Design is amazing. Sigh. Shadow and Bone is perfect. <3 Loves :)
Corpse Bride. I did enjoy my DVD copy of this movie. So I needed a blu-ray copy :D Heeh (A)

On The Road Movie Companion. I adore this one, really. Must watch the movie soon :) Excited.
The Hobbit Activity Book. Dying for this movie! Love this book. It's gorgeous. Sigh. Adore.
Twilight: The Complete Movie Archive. Gorgeous pictures. A few issues with my copy, but still pretty.
Entertainment Weekly. Heh. I adore Once Upon a Time. <3 Favorite is Rumpelstiltskin, though ;)
Clockwork Angel Manga. Adoooooore. It's GORGEOUS! But oh. So much heatbreak :'( Still, gorgeous.
Beautiful Redemption. Cannot wait to read this book. I'm excited about it ;) Despite issues w/movie.
The Pledge. Gorgeous paperbacks. I adore them. PLUS! Teaser for sequel inside :D Squee. <3
The Raven Boys. Love love love this paperback. It's perfect. Sniffs. So pretty. Loved the book :)
Coraline. I loved this movie. Truly. Excited to read the book one day ;) Also, really pretty.
Ocean Waves. One step closer to owning all the Studio Ghibli movies ;) Seems interesting :)

The Art of Wreck-It Ralph. Adore adore adore. I need this movie. Pretty please? <3 Perfect book.
Finale. Well. I'm pleased with the ending. Unsure when I will read the book, though ;)
The Tigger Movie. I adored this movie years ago. So I needed to own this blu-ray edition. <3
Rise of the Guardians. All three books :D Pretty box set. <3 I must read them soon, I think ;)
And tons of Rise of the Guardians movie books :D Ahhh. All of these are perfect! Still waiting for the most perfect ones, though ;) But they are all gorgeous. And I love them so much. Sigh.

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  1. Why do you buy 3, or 5, or 8 of almost everything? Do you really need 5 of the same book? Isn't it just a waste of money? Just curious...

    1. I buy many copies of books because I want them. And since it is my money; I get to decide how to spend them ;) And when it comes to hardcover/paperbacks; I buy two copies because one is for reading. And I need the other one to be un-touched.

  2. Wow many books:) I want Finale of Becca my self. Love that series, aleast the first book:)

  3. Wow so much stuff!! Excited so Finale!! I am reading it now! <3 <3 You've got a Fearless tattoo?? REALLY?! I would die to see it!! Must be so cool! Enjoy Carina! <3

  4. I loved Rebel Heart and The Raven Boys, so I'm convinced you'll love those! I've also heard SO many good things about Touching the Surface, so I hope you enjoy that! Fantastic haul, Carina! :)

  5. Your IMM is one of the best out there because you always have so many cute goodies there. And thanks for reminding me that I need to go and see Wreck It Ralph. I'm a cartoon addict - gotta see them all. :D

    You can see my IMM here.

    Happy reading!
    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams

  6. AWESOME haul, Carina! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Crewel. I'll warn you - there is a little bit of a love triangle but it's somewhat resolved by the end. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of it enough to forgive that part. :D I'm also looking forward to your thoughts on Touching the Surface! I really like the sound of that book. :)

  7. I love your IMMs!!! You always have the coolest things. I am so excited about The Guardians movie to be released. The ID manga is great! I hope you love Rebel Hearts! The Essence is so good! Happy Reading! Enjoy all your goodies!

  8. Awesome, awesome books my dear. Really hope you'll like all of these! This reminds me of quite a few books I have yet to purchase. :D

  9. Wow, awesome! I can't wait for the Rise of the Guardians film either! :)

    My Letterbox Love! Simon and Schuster Edition!

  10. WOW, you are my movie twin! Rise of the Guardians. Wreck-It Ralph. Hotel Transylvania. And Paranorman. And Frankenweenie.

    Like.. I keep watching those trailers because I NEED them. And I also can't wait for The hobbit <3 Looks SO pretty.

    The nightmare before Christmas & The corpse bride, love it <3 The corpse bride is so good. I've watched it several times now and every time I fall in love with it. The piano duet is so pretty!

    & Once upon a time is one of my favorite series. Rumpelstiltskin is a genius!

    Divergent, Crewel & Touching the surface! Awesome. I want to read the last two for a while now. Happy reading!

    1. Omg, yes! I so agree. <3 Sigh. All those movies will be perfect. Hate living in Norway, though ;p Otherwise I would have seen them all already. But still. Cannot wait to buy them when they comes out :D So excited. <3 And yeah! Piano duet is awesome :)
      Sniffs. Yeah, I adore Rumpelstiltskin :D

  11. Excellent!! I'm reading The Evolution of Mara Dyer right now. So good. Also Divergent is absolutely amazing! Haven't had a chance to read Insurgent yet but I have it.

    Check out mine here!

  12. There is a teen who comes into the library where I work, and she is really excited about The Guardians, too. I need to go watch the trailer. I'm not too familiar with it.

    Happy reading and watching movies!

  13. My goodness you got a ton of stuff! I'm so overwhelmed! Hope you enjoy them all!

    Check out my IMM & SP.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know


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