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Book Recommendation: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

I just finished reading Graceling for the fourth time. But it's been about nine months since the last time I read it. Have been thinking about it all the time, at least once a week, probably more. And now that I have finished reading it, I want to read it again. And again. I will never tire of this book. Ever. And I have decided, while I love Divergent with all my heart, I might love Graceling just a tiny bit more. This is my second book rec of this book. Because the first one might be a bit too old, and way too short ;)

You should be aware that this might be a long book recommendation slash review. Again. I tend to write long reviews these days. I don't mind, though. I love talking about books I love. And when it comes to Graceling, well, there is too much to say and also not enough. I probably won't post any spoilers. I just need to express my feelings. And hopefully, hopefully it will make you buy this book. Because Graceling is not a book to be missed. Not by anyone. Graceling is a book that needs to be loved and cherished.

I'm not sure I can describe my love for this book. I'm not sure it's possible. Because there isn't one book I love more than this one. I'm pretty sure there isn't one male character I love more than Po. Not even a female character I love more than Katsa. Or best friend Raffin. I love the writing. The writing is perfect. It sucked me into this story; and it didn't let go. Not once. The story world is perfect. Beyond perfect. The conflicts are amazing. The cruelty is perfect and horrible and just so amazing. 

Graceling tells the story of Katsa. She lives in one of the seven kingdoms. She's the niece of King Randa. And she's a Graceling. I adore that part of these books. There are people who are Graced. It happens when they are children; and it doesn't happen to all. There are many different powers to be had. Swimming. Climbing. Anything, really. When Katsa was 8 years old it was discovered that she was Graced with killing. It's a burden for her, truly. But it's also amazing. And so interesting to learn about.

Katsa is such an amazing character. And interesting. And complicated. She's kind. She doesn't love many people, but there are a few she cares about. Like best friend Raffin. I adored him. No romance between them. Good. Because he truly is an amazing friend. Katsa needs those. Because she's angry often. And I so understand that. She's been used as a killing weapon for ten years. It was very interesting, though. But then Po arrives. And everything changes for Katsa. Nothing is the same anymore.

And let me just tell you, Po is the most perfect person ever. He's amazing. So kind and loving and truly incredible. He's also Graced. With fighting. Which was pretty awesome ;) He and Katsa got along really well. And a romance starts. And oh. It is so sweet and amazing and I just adored it. Because Katsa isn't "normal." She doesn't want a husband. Ever. Or children. Ever. So she's pretty confused when it comes to Po. But still. Their love is true. And so good. And I wanted more and more and more.

There is more to Po's Grace, though. I won't say what it is. But it's amazing. Katsa don't agree. At first. But truly. It is perfect and it made me adore him so much more. Because Po is shy. And loveable. He hasn't had many friends because of his Grace. Oh. He is just too perfect. And he's broken too. Sometimes. And it's just way too perfect. And I cannot stop loving Po. Not ever. I also adored his family, just so you know. We don't see them much, but they are amazing. And they love him.

There is too much plot to describe in this book. And I don't want to spoil anything. But I will mention a few things. It kind of centers around Po's grandfather being kidnapped. And Katsa rescuing him. And them together figuring out who kidnapped him, and why. Which leads them to King Leck of Monsea. A true monster. Perfect villain. Even though we didn't get to "personally see" him being that evil. But we knew. They talked. And my god. Leck was awful. Even more in the next books.. *Shudders.*

We also get to meet Bitterblue in this book. Leck's ten year old daughter. She's perfect. I adored her. At first she's kind of pathetic. But she grows stronger. And she's so kind. And I just liked her a lot. Liked reading about her and Katsa together. There was something I didn't approve of in this book. And that was when Katsa left Po for a bit. Not because of the romance. But for other things. It broke my heart. But this time I kind of understood it better. Maybe. It didn't fail to break my heart, though.

I'm not really sure what else I can say about this book. There is a lot of amazing characters in Graceling. The writing is perfect. And story and plot is fantastic. I cannot tell you how much I loved it all. Graceling is the perfect book. Truly. You just must read it. And Po is the perfect love interest. Perfect man. I loved him so much. I even loved the main girl, Katsa, almost as much. Doesn't always happen, that ;) There truly isn't anything I hated in this book. Not anything that could have been done different. Everything was perfect. Tomorrow I start re-reading Fire. Then Bitterblue. So excited for both :) 

My first and very bad review of Graceling. My first and bad review of Fire. My slightly better review of Bitterblue. My first sucky book recommendation of Graceling. Also. It has teasers. Perfect teasers. You must see those. They are the best. Where to buy them all.

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Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. Wow. Geeez, I've bought Graceling and Fire last year at this time and I still haven't got around to them. I feel like a shitty reader. :/ I really should read this book!! You make it sound so good :) Awesome recommendation Carina! <3 <3

    1. Grrr! NEA! You must read them! You must! They are perfect. <3 Promise :) Thank you sweetie. <3

  2. id like to try this Carina. ive heard great things about this. u know what. i think im gonna read this now! Great review and thanka for this reco darl. x

    1. YAY :D I hope you'll love it. <3 You will love it. It is perfect. Sigh. Have fun :D Thank you sweetie. <3

  3. I loved Graceling! It was so cool! And exciting. I loved how Katsa slowly fell for Po but I do have to say that her stubbornness to be with Po annoyed me :/ still this book definitely left an impression!

    Miss J @ Miss Book Reviews


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