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Book Recommendation: Fire by Kristin Cashore

I'm trying to come to terms with my feelings for these perfect books. It's hard. Because I love them all so much. And my heart feels close to bursting. I'm not even sure how to describe my love for them all. I love Graceling the most. Then Fire. Then Bitterblue. But I love them all so much, still. I'm unsure which world I love the most. The Middluns world from Graceling and Bitterblue, or life in the Dells from Fire. I might be leaning more towards Fire. Maybe. I'm so unsure. Everything is all just so much love.

It will never happen that I will grow tired of these books. Never. Fire is amazing. It's different from Graceling. It's set about thirty years before Graceling, and in an entirely different world called the Dells. It isn't far from the seven kingdoms, though. It's just over the mountains. Except that no one has ever been there. Except for Leck. And, omg, shudders. Leck is an awful human being. In Fire we learn a lot more about him; when he was a child of 11 years. We learn too much. And not enough. It's creepy.

The Dells is a much different place than the Middluns. There are no Gracelings. No people with different colored eyes. Instead there are monsters. Monsters in the shape of normal animals; horses, cats, raptors. But in different colors. Beautiful colors. They are all so interesting to read about, and I loved that about this world. It's so beautiful and interesting. So much to learn about. There is even a human monster. The only one left. She's called Fire. And Fire is amazing. And perfect. This is her book.

Fire truly is amazing. She's such a great character. She's kind and loving. She's strong, even though she's broken. And she's broken a lot in this book. Truly. It is very heartbreaking. But so amazing. Fire grew up with her monster Father. He was an awful person. So cruel. But he loved his child. He truly did. And he was never cruel towards her. And I kind of loved that. A bit sad that he was dead, but I also understood it so well. He caused a lot of pain. But still. I couldn't help liking him. He did seem awesome.

Fire lives very close to her best friend Archer, and his father. She and Archer are lovers. And while that did bother me a lot in this book, it isn't really that bad. Because while she loves him, she isn't in love with him. She just used to have sex with him. Also him being her best friends. And I do think he would have been an awesome friend; if he didn't have feelings for her. Archer is a complicated character. Liked him a little, disliked him a lot. He's possessive and jealous and a bit cruel. But kind at times.

Fire also have a horse; Small. I adored Small. He was a great comfort for Fire, and they were so sweet together :) There is a lot of characters in this book. Sometimes too many to remember. But those most important I could not forget. Like Brigan. Brigan was perfect. Love interest, but there wasn't much romance in this book. Not until the last part. But there was a lot of love before that, truly. It was subtle, but it was also perfect. Even though I did wish for a whole lot more. lol :)

Brigan is amazing. He's so kind and loving. Once he likes you, that is ;) And at first he hates Fire so much. I do not blame him though. He had reason to. But he comes around. And he's so perfect when he does. Sigh. Truly a perfect character. I also loved Hanna. She was adorable. And I loved Fire's guards. They were so kind. I also kind of loved the King, Brigan's brother, Nash. He was very.. pushy, to be honest. But I still liked him. He was loyal to his brother, and that was the most important thing.

There is too many characters in this book to mention. So I won't. But those are the ones I loved the most, I think :) Now to talk some plot. But not much. First there is Fire. She's a human monster. Meaning she's extremely beautiful. Her hair is wild and so red. She's gorgeous. It isn't really a good thing, though. It makes men crazy. Seriously. She's also a mind reader of some sort. She can control the minds of others. Like her father did. That was pretty amazing, though. Even if it was disturbing to her.

There is so much happening in this book. There is a war. And it's awful. But so interesting and perfect. There needed to be a war. And it was done really well. Another thing I liked about this world was the monsters. The raptors. Those were amazing to read about. And deadly. And amazing. I loved them. The plot in this book is too big. So I won't say more about it. Just that the story is amazing and I loved every moment of it. I loved the romance between Brigan and Fire. I wanted more. But it was perfect.

I loved reading this book. Both the first time and now. Felt like I understood it even better this time. Loved it even more. I'm unsure what else to say about this book. Other than the fact that I loved it to pieces. And that it's heartbreaking. A lot of death that I wished hadn't happened. But that also needed to be. I loved all the heartbreak. I loved the ending. Even though it should have been longer. I loved the writing, like usual, and I loved every page. Fire is a breathtaking novel. It's perfect. I recommend starting with Graceling. Then you must read Fire. You cannot not read it. It is too perfect to pass up on.

My first and very bad review of Graceling. My first and bad review of Fire. My slightly better review of Bitterblue. My first sucky book recommendation of Graceling. Also. It has teasers. Perfect teasers. You must see those. They are the best. My new, perfect, book rec of Graceling. Where to buy them all.
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  1. I agree, these books are completely amazing. Truth be told, Graceling was my first fantasy read and I've not looked back since. A lot of people are commenting about Cashore's feminism agenda on these books but truthfully, they're so good that I managed to mute them out.

    Definitely, highly recommended series!


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