Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

I do believe this book is my favorite in this series. But I'm hoping to love The Iron Knight even more; since it's Ash's book and all. :) Cannot wait for that. I have enjoyed re-reading this series a lot. And I am very glad that I did re-read it. But I have also found some flaws in this series that I didn't remember; and I didn't like them that much :\ But I'm letting those go, cause this is an amazing series, still. :)

The Iron Queen starts right where the Iron Daughter ended. And I'm pleased with that. Ash and Meghan is in exile. And they are about to go home to her, to see her family again. Except, they cannot do that. They get stopped by some Iron Fey, and Meghan realizes she cannot go home and risk her family's life. And I might have liked her for that. Hih. But still, was a bit disappointed. Since I liked her family.

The plot in this book is still just as awesome as the first two books. I just think it's even better. There is some tension in this book, and I didn't like the things Meghan said to Ash at times. But it always worked out. Except for the ending, of course. Grrr. Anyway. The romance in this book is a lot better than in the previous ones. No triangle or mixed feelings or something like that. Which was good. :)

The romance between Ash and Meghan is real and so sweet and perfect. I just wanted more of that at all times. Ash is still my favorite character; because he is perfect. Have already talked about that two times; so not saying it again ;p Hih. But, yeah, I loved Ash even more in this book. And I just love Grimalkin. But it seems that they take him for granted a lot of times :\ Still. I adore him.

Still don't like Puck. I can, maybe, see why some would like him. I just don't. At all. He just isn't anywhere near my type of guy. :) Well, fictional guy. But still. I do like having him in these books. For the most part. :) I also think I liked Meghan more in this book. She is stronger and such, and kind of awesome. But some things I just didn't understand and felt it was explained too little. But still, it didn't need to be explained, not really. These books are easy read. :)

Although, they are longer than I remember them being. 358 pages, all three books. But they went by so fast. And I loved re-reading them so much. <3 Cause I fell in love with the characters again, and the beautiful world Julie has created. The Faery's Nevernever really is written well. I did love reading about it. The Summer court and the Winter court. And in this book, the Iron Realm.

The Iron Realm is a creepy place. I did not like it. Plus, it was killing Ash. See, Iron is deadly for the Fey. And being in contact or just near it will kill you. So, yeah, that sucked. Anyway. The plot in this book is awesome. They are all trying to find and kill the False Iron King. And I did enjoy that plot twist. There is a lot of death and war in this book, but not brutal at all. Bit disappointed. lol :)

But the characters in this book is perfect. All of them. For the most part, that is ;p There is lots of new characters as well, and I did like reading about them. Even though I didn't like Glitch. But I did love Razor, the Gremling :) The plot in The Iron Queen is really exciting and stunning. It is perfect. Lots of things happen all the time, and it is always entertaining to read. You won't be bored.

Not sure what else to say about this book. I loved the Fearies. And I adored Ash more than anything. The scenes between him and Meghan are perfect. Though I wish there had been more. :) I also loved the plot, and the climax, sort of, at the end was also really perfect. Interesting too. :) And a bit annoying. Cause I did not like the cliffhanger. But, I am dying to read The Iron Knight. <3 So I must read it next. Been waiting so long. Anyway. You must read this series and this book. So good. :)

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