Saturday, August 11, 2012

In My Mailbox #42

So, I got some awesome things this week. <3 Got my very first review copy book; Girl of Nightmares :D Was a real surprise, too. <3 And I am so so so happy about it :D Especially the buttons. <3 They are perfect. Have read a lot of books this week. Six books by Julie Kagawa. Loved those. <3 Finally reading again :D So, yeah. Happy about that. :) Leaving for 4 days in London this week. Can't wait :)
What did you get this week?

Signed Of Poseidon. Won this from Anna :D And omg. Love love love. <3 Pretty bookmarks, too :D
Girl of Nightmares First of my copies. <3 Gah. Love love. Starting it today :D So excited.
Once Didn't have this book in paperback. Hih. It is gorgeous. :) Also, loved this book.
Innocent Darkness Cannot wait to read this book. It does sound really really good. :) Pretty cover.
Brave Take Aim! Love this. Gorgeous. I love everything Brave. :)
Rebel Heart Two copies. <3 But oh. Not sure if I can read it.. but so pretty. :)
Tessa Gratton Swag. Won this via Natalie. <3 And omg. I love it all :D So gorgeous.

Brave Oh, Brother! Another gorgeous Brave book. Sigh. I adore them all. :)
Onyx I now have both books in this series. I really should read them soon. :) Nervous, though.
Enclave I did love this book; except for the last part of it. Hated that part :p But, so pretty. :)
Glitch I will never read this book. And that sucks. I did try to read an eCopy, did not like, though :p
Girl of Nightmares + Two buttons. <3 First review copy I have ever gotten. Will always love it. Thank you, Tor Teen. <3 I adore it. Starting it today. :) Also, the cover is gorgeous.
Girl of Nigthmares Third copy. Heh. I love this series. <3

Brave Sticker Album. Two copies. Bought via Ebay :) And omg. I love them. SO MUCH! Cannot wait to buy many more when I get to London ;p Hih. They better have them. Also. A peek at my cards :)
Also bought 20 packets of Tangled via Ebay. I love them. A peek at my cards ;p

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  1. AMAZING books Karina! Haven't yet gotten my first review copy but they are always the most special ones! ^__^ Plus Girl of Nightmares & Of Poseidon look so good! Two copies of Rebel Heart @_@ COOL! I also had to get Glitch in book form for blog tour because It wasn't working in ebook >_< I also noticed that you get A LOT of Brave books & such! I LOVED that movie! =D

    Happy Readings!
    Lisseth, My StS

  2. Ooh you'll love London Carina...there are Brave stickers, albums, books EVERYWHERE!! There's bound to be cute stationary too :-) I'm waiting for the DVD to come out :-)

    I'll look out for your review on Innocent Darkness, I've heard mixed things, but it sounds awsome! How gorgeous is the cover to Girl of Nightmares... sooooo pretty! My paperback copy of Anna, is the one with the red dress, soooo pretty!

    Great books hun!

    1. <3 thank you sweetie :D I loved London. <3 but so much walking. but I got lots of Brave things :D

      Loooove Girl of Nightmares and Anna Dressed in Blood. <3 covers are perfect :D Hoping to read Innocent Darkness soon ;p

  3. Wow, amazing mailbox sweetie <3 <3 Enjoy London ;) Because it's amazing ;) Wish I could go with youuuu <3 :*

  4. Amazing books, Carina! I got Girl of Nightmares as well :D Can't wait to get started on it!
    Enjoy London!

  5. Rebel Heart! I'm so jealous! I wish it had released in the US already! Anyway, fantastic haul this week, Carina! Enjoy!(:

    Ivy Book Bindings

  6. I hope I didn't ruin Rebel Heart for you. I wonder what would have happened if you had read it and found out that way... ;) I can't wait to see what you think of Girl of Nightmares. I loved Anna and can't wait to read that one myself. :) Great mailbox, Carina!

    And I hope you have fun in London!

  7. Ahh, you have Rebel Heart! I'm envious. ;) I was neither a fan of Glitch or Innocent Darkness, but I hope you enjoy them regardless.. And I loved Brave. Such. A good. Movie. :)

    Awesome haul, Carina, and I love those book marks! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your goodies. :)

  8. eek! I'm going to see Brave this week! I'm so excited! I'm jealous of all yout stuff once again!

    My Letterbox Love!

  9. Awesome books, my dear! I sooo need to buy a couple of these books - most importantly GIRL OF NIGHTMARES! Happy reading!

  10. Wow that is a huge haul! That's crazy you got three copies of Girl of Nightmares, haha.Here's my IMM:

  11. I'm so jealous of Rebel Heart! I can't wait to read that one. Girl of Nightmares looks fabulous too, I've heard it's as fantastic as the first book.

    Hope you enjoy everything :)

  12. Glitch was so good I can't wait for the second book and I'm so jealous of Onyx even though I haven't read Obsidian yet! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM =)

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  13. Awesome haul! I'm so excited for Of Poseidon and Glitch. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your books!:)

  14. Wow and more wow! My daughter would dance with happiness if that were OUR mailbox! Enjoy them all!

  15. i will wait to see what you think of innocent darkness, i have it on my wish list^^


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