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Book Recommendation: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Ever since I first read this book I have wanted to re-read it. And today I finally did. The Immortal Rules was just as perfect the second time around as it was the first time I read it. Fell in love all over again. I found out about The Immortal Rules because I had read Julie's other series, The Iron Fey. And I loved those books. And when I saw the summary and the cover for this book, I knew I would love this one too. And I did. More, even. Though you cannot compare these two series. At all.

Well, except for the perfect writing. Julie really is talented in that. She writes so well, it such a joy to read her books. And I have a lot of trouble finding writing that I like. But it is easy with Julie. And I love that. Plus, she creates these perfect worlds. Although, in The Immortal Rules it isn't a perfect world. The world is broken and awful. But that just made me love it even more. I cannot help but love broken things. Like Zeke. Will talk about him later on; in great detail. It must be done. :)

I want to say that I adore this book cover. It is a bit different than other covers, and I love that. It is dark and beautiful. I love the details. Well, okay, there ain't many details. But I do love the blood. The tears. At least, I see it as tears. And you will probably do so too, after you have read the book. Cause a lot of sad things happen in this book. It is very heartbreaking. But it is also beautiful. But then, it is also goddamn awful with lots of dead people. And that is what I love. That it has everything.

I kind of loved the last half of the book the most. Even though I did love the first 190 pages as well. But, well, there was no Zeke. And scenes will Zeke will always have first priority. In the first 190 pages, though, we get to know Allison, Allie, the main character a lot. And she is such an amazing person. Young, but so strong. Also broken, though. She lives in a dangerous world, filled with vampires and rabids and other more crazy people. She doesn't have any friends. Well, not really.

I mean, there is Stick. And Lucas and Rat. Her "pack," sort of. The live together in the poor part of the Vampire city. Where the unregistered lives. Those who are not a food source for the vampires. But also without food themselves. So a lot of people die, and get killed. I loved how brilliantly it was all done. It is perfect. I mean, yes, it is so awful and such. But I loved it so much. Written so well. It made me interested in this book; interested to figure out why things were like that. Won't spoil it, though. :)

A lot happen in the beginning. First, I should say that I hated Stick. He was supposed to be a friend of Allie, but he isn't. Not a real one. He is a coward, and I really wanted him to die. Which he didn't. Not yet, anyways. But there is always a second book! *Fingers crossed.* lol :) Allison sort of had an relationship with Lucas once, but it never went beyond a kiss. Good. And Rat was an asshole, just so you know. So I didn't really like the people Allie hung out with. But I did understand why she did. :)

A lot of bad things happen in the beginning. First, there is hope. Then, of course, Julie had to kill that small hope. But I kind of love her for it. :) Cause it led to some awesome things. A lot of people die in the beginning. And it is awful, but I didn't mind very much. But then Allie dies as well. And gets turned into a Vampire, the same creatures that she hates. But it's either that, or die. And to be honest, I would also choose to live. So, yeah. I agreed with her on that. And on most other things.

One hundred pages of this book is about Allison and Kanin. And while I did enjoy that a whole lot, it was nothing compared to how I enjoy the Zeke scenes. Heh. But I loved reading about Allie and Kanin. Like father, like daughter. Sort of. They were awesome together. So damn happy there was no romance between them. Would have hated that. But I enjoyed reading about them so much. And I felt so much for Kanin. (No romance.) He was an amazing character. Need more of him.

Although, he did some really awful things that got some awful consequences. Like Sarren. Shudders. I hated Sarren so extremely much. He is a real sadist. So awful. Which is why I loved his part in this book so much. This series needed an awful character. Well, okay, not really. But I'm really glad there is one. Cause it will make the sequels very interesting ;) And I cannot wait to see what happens next. Anyway. Something more happens, and suddenly Allie is alone, outside of the city.

She wanders for a long time. Should also probably mention that she doesn't really approve of being a vampire, with the whole blood drinking thing at first. But she learns to accept it, accept her as she is. And I loved that. Cause I loved Allison the Vampire a whole lot. She kicks ass. She's strong, kind, brave and all awesome things. Sigh. She is an awesome role model. And main character. Julie did good. Anyway. Now that Allison is alone, my favorite part of the book is coming up. Zeke.

Allison is wandering, when she suddenly runs into Zeke and his group. And omg. It is all so amazing. And kind of horrible too, at times. Won't say much about it. Just know, there are lots of deaths while they wander together. And some betrayal. And tears. But also a little romance that is so sweet. And there is Zeke. Ezekiel Crosse. And I must admit, I love his name. I find it adorable. :) Zeke is perfect. He is broken. So broken. But so kind and loving and protective and nice and gah. He is perfect.

Wish Zeke was mine. But I must say that Allison made me so angry a few times, for hurting Zeke. But I also understood the things she did, so I didn't hate her for it. But still. So much was lost, that could have been. Cries. Anyway. Zeke is a part of a bigger group, about a dozen people. Their leader is Jeb. And omg. I hated Jeb. He was awful. A religious person as well, and I don't like those that much. (Those crazy ones.) He liked torture. Kind of. And, well, he could be kind. But I didn't care about it.

Cause he was awful. Some might say it was for the group, that he was trying to protect them all. And I can somehow understand that. But mostly I don't. Not after what he did to Zeke. Grrr. Liked him a tiny tiny bit near the end. But only a little bit. Then there were some other people in the group. Like Ruth. And oh. Ruth was an awful girl. In love with Zeke, and a total bitch. She was so cruel and rude towards Allie, and I hated her for it. I could understand her being jealous, but still. I didn't like it.

Did however like a scene with her at the ending. Hih. I approved of that a bit. I also liked some of the other characters, like Darren and Caleb. And many of the others. Sigh. They were all awesome. Julie created some amazing characters in this book. And I cannot thank her enough for that. None of them were boring. And they all needed to be there. Anyway. Will stop talking about all the characters now. :) Gonna speak a tiny bit of the plot, then I'm done ;p Most likely, anyway.

The plot in The Immortal Rules is really unique and very different. I mean, it has vampires in it. But an awesome version of vampires. These are so cool. They aren't just killing machines, like some other books I have read. Well, okay, some of them are. But those have gone crazy. But they are still very scary and dangerous. Cause they all drink human blood. And kill people. But somehow, I didn't mind, considering Allie was one of them. I wanted her to kill a lot of humans. Hih. But then..

The worst kind of creatures in this book was the Rabids. And oh my. They are awful things. They kill everything. Just pop up out of a hole in the ground once the sun goes down and attacks you. But they were also one of my favorite things about this book. Cause they are amazing. Even though they kill a lot. Julie has written them so well, that they kind of seem real. Although I would never want them here, with me. That would not be very good. lol. :) But they are so perfect in this book. Sigh.

The Immortal Rules has it all. Amazing characters. Unique story line. Amazing creatures, as well. Won't say much about the plot. Except that they are all looking for Eden. A place there are no vampires, and the humans will be safe. Won't say how the book ends. But, I will say that I mostly hate the ending. Well, okay, it ain't a bad ending. I liked it too. But a bit mad at Allison. But it also makes me so extremely excited for the sequel. And I need that sequel right now, please. I cannot wait much more.

There isn't very much romance in this book. But there is some. With Zeke and Allie. And it is perfect. Well, okay, I would have wanted more. But I am happy with what there was. I'm just hoping more will come. Anyway. Forgive me for this extremely long book rec, part review. I just needed to put all my thoughts out there. And once I started writing this, I could not stop. I hope I have convinced at least one person to read this book. :) Because, The Immortal Rules is worth it. You all MUST read it. Okay?

I wanted to thank Julie Kagawa for writing this perfect book. And I'm already excited to re-read it. Again. Sometime. And I just need the sequel, The Eternity Cure. I need to know what happens next. And I need tons more of Zeke. And Allison. And I need to know what happens to Jackal. And Sarren. And Kanin. And everyone. I just cannot wait. Hopefully you are going to buy this book now; you must. :) 

A teaser I wanted to share with you all. :)

"I'm glad you're here," Zeke murmured without a trace of embarrassment or guile. "It's nice, having someone else we can count on. I hope you'll stay, so we can see Eden together." He gave my hair a final, gentle tug and turned away. I watched him go, Hunger and longing and that strange, squirmy feeling twisting my insides. Crawling into my tent, I pullet the blanket over my head and tried to sleep, to forget Ezekiel Crosse. His touch. His warmth. And how badly I wanted to sink my fangs into his throat and truly make him mine. ~ page 279

Then I also wanted to share with you this AMAZING drawing Julie Kagawa did of a Rabid. I love it. It is creepy, and awesome and so cool. What do you think of it? ;) I wish Julie would draw more. :)

The Immortal Rules. Buy it here. Julie Kagawa. My review of The Immortal Rules. 
The sequel, The Eternity Cure. Official Blood of Eden Website.

And one more last thing. Julie tweeted this peek from book two. I cannot wait. So excited. <3


  1. Loved this book too can't wait for the rest of the series!

  2. Shirtless Zeke?!! Gah! I must get my hands on the second book as soon as I can. ;) I hope I can re-read this one day. I really loved it the first time around, but I've forgotten so much! Your post is reminding me of just how much I hated Stick though. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought he was awful! ;)

    1. Yes yes yes :D Gah. I need the second book. <3 Cannot wait :D You must re-read this soon ;p just as good the second time around. <3 Yeah. Stick was awful. Grrrr.

  3. I love Julie Kagawa so much. This book and her others are amazing. She's quickly become on of my favourite authors, up there with Tamora Pierce. Everyone should read this, even if they're sick of vampires.

  4. i love how Julie has made each character perfect at what they do.


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