Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

I feel that I should start this review by saying how much I adore these book covers. All four of them. Love the faces, the colors, the writing and just everything about them. My favorite, though, is the Iron Knight cover. <3 It is simply gorgeous. Not the way I imagined Ash, but the guy is still stunning ;p Hih. I am not sure how I feel about this book. I'm still so conflicted. Loved and disliked it. Will try to explain it.

I adore The Iron Fey series. The books are really good, the characters likeable. For the most part ;) And I am in love with the world it is set it. I love the story, and everything in it. And I am very glad that I finally re-read this series so that I could read The Iron Knight. :) Because I loved The Iron Knight. Most of it. There was this one part I hated, and I wished it hadn't been in the book. But I adore Ash. Always. <3

The Iron Knight is just Ash's story. It happens after The Iron Queen, and it is awesome. So, well, beware. This review will be spoilery if you have not read the first three Iron Fey books. In this book Ash is searching for the end of the world, so that he may earn a human soul. He need one, if he is ever to be with Meghan in the Iron Kingdom again. And he wants that more than anything. Plus, he made a promise to find a way to be with her. *Sigh.* <3

So our story begins. With Ash, Puck and Grimalkin. I loved that. Wish it had been only them. Or just Ash and Grimalkin. That would have been my perfect book. :) But then there is a wolf. The Big Bad Wolf. He has a big part in this book, sort of. And I did like that. For the most part. :) Found him a bit cute. And gah. I really did love the adventure in this book, all the things they saw. I enjoyed that a lot. And I loved that Ash didn't have to be alone. But god damn it. There was one thing I hated. Very much.

And that was Ariella. I fucking hated her. And I probably shouldn't have, but damn it. It was no fair. Just heartbreak, and no fun at all. Wish she had not been a part of this book. I might have liked it at the ending, but would rather have been without her. Messing with Ash's head. Do not approve. Plus, I didn't like her as a person. Or, as a Seer. Seemed a bit far-fetched. Bit I endured it. :)

One other thing I disliked was that a person I loved in the previous books were only in this book for, what, 5 pages at the most? I did not approve of that, either. Wish there had been more. Sigh. But. I also loved that this was Ash's book, so I didn't mind that much. :) Anyway. This book is about getting Ash a soul. And I won't say if it is successful or not, you'll see for yourself, you should, anyway. :)

And it is so awful. And heartbreaking. So damn sad. But it is also perfect. I loved it. Would have given it five stars if there had been no Ariella. But since there was, only a four star. But make no mistake. Ash is worthy of at least a five star. :) Anyway. There are a lot of trials in this book. Many bad ones. Like when we get to see all of Ash's past mistakes. People he hurt. People he killed. That killed me.

But I also loved it. And I didn't hate Ash for it, cause, well, he IS a Fey, and it is normal for them to do things like that. So, yeah, I didn't hate him for it. But I hated reading it. Because it is awful. And so sad. And gah. I also loved it. Loved that we got to see more of Ash. But there was one thing I disliked a whole lot. When we got to see the "future" of Ash and Meghan. It probably won't happen, but I didn't like reading it. It was sad and it made me very angry and so sad and gah.

But I have hope. I have lots of hope for the future. And I kind of want a fifth book :) But I know there won't be ;p Still. So excited for the short story set in the future coming late this August :D Cannot wait for that one. <3 And, of course, Ethan's story. Will be reading The Lost Prince next. Excited about that. <3 Anyway. I am not sure what else to say about this book. Will mention a few things more.

I'm not saying more about the plot. Just, well, it is a big adventure. And I liked that a lot. I loved everything we got to see in this book. And I adored Grimalkin even more. He is an awesome character. And I need more of him. Mostly, I need more of Ash. Cause Ash is perfect in this book. A lot broken, though. But that is why I love him. And he is so sweet. And gah. I adore Ash. <3 You too, right? ;p

I loved this book. And I adore this series by Julie Kagawa. If you have read the first three books, then you must read The Iron Knight. And if you still haven't read any of them, you must start it soon! These books are awesome. And I do think that everyone should read them. :)


  1. Ooh, this book is so fantastic. And yeah, I'd probably give it 4 stars because Ariella was in it - not that she's bad or something, but I was afraid Julie was gonna do something crazy and, I don't know, make her and ASh kiss. It would kill me! Fortunately, that didn't happen! Ash belongs with Meghan <3 Love your review, Carina!

  2. I didn't like Ariella much either. I felt she was quite forgettable... or I should probably say that I completely forgot about her until you mentioned her name. ;) Still, I loved this book! I almost wish there was a fifth one too but I'm happy we get the spin-off series. Hopefully it is just as good!

  3. sounds like a good book.


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