Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

This is an amazing book. I wanted it because of the amazing cover; it is just so so gorgeous :) Don't like the blurb though; really don't like it when they compare books to other books :p But still. The cover is amazing :) And the summary is great too. The book is a lot better than I first thought it would be :D

The Unwanteds is an amazing book. It has an really, really good story. And it has amazing characters. And I loved the writing :) Mostly third person pov, I think. And I really liked that. But even though it is third person pov, it is still mostly from Alex's POV. And I adored Alex! :D Wish he was a bit older; but, yeah, I still loved him :)

Alex is an amazing character. He is a young boy, and at times act like it. But I did like that. He is kind, most of the times. And he is just an amazing person. He has a twin brother; Aaron, who I did not like. Alex has a lot of friends at Artime. But oh. This book broke my heart early on. See, he has a good relationship with his friends at first.

But then they all get picked for something; except for him. And they keep bothering him about it. Showing off, etc. And oh. It killed me! They should have understood how much it hurt him, because it did :\ It left him feeling unwanted and a lot of other things. And it left him alone and without friends. I can blame it on them being young, but 13 ain't that young.

Then there is Lani who is just 12. She was the worst; but she changes a lot in this book. Which makes me think she and Alex will be a couple soon ;) Hopefully in book two :D They would be really good together. I think. There is many other characters in this book that I liked. And many that I didn't like.

Anyway, the plot in this book is really, really good. I do not wish to spoil it for you; because it is great and it is greater if you don't know anything about it :D So yeah. Just read it and find out ;)

This turned out to be a short review. Because I'm not able to figure out what to say about this book. I just know that I loved it, and that the plot is amazing and the characters are great. The world building in this book is also amazing; and I hope we'll know more about it in the sequel :) I cannot wait for the next book. Need it now. <3 Think it will be amazing :D


  1. Why haven't I ever heard of this before?! At least, I don't think I have anyway. It sounds amazing. The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter? What could be more perfect than that! :D Awesome review and thanks for letting me know about this book.

    1. Hih :D It is amazing. <3 I think you'll like it :D Thank you for commenting, Sam. <3

  2. This book may have been written is a young adult book that is a cross between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games but there are a lot deeper meaning in the words of this book for those who chose to open up their eyes.

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