Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen

I must admit I have not read any Robin Hood books or watched any movies. Except for the Disney one, which I love :) So I didn't know until I finished reading the book that Will Scarlet was an actual "real" person, sort of. (Never noticed that name in the Disney movie.) But, it makes sense, and I really really loved it.

The plot in this book is worthy of a five star. As is the writing. And many of the characters. But because of something I can not stand at all, I'm only giving it a four star. Because, yeah, there were many things I hated. And I will forever hate them, although many won't have that issue. But I do.

The story in Scarlet is amazing. Very similar to the Disney Robin Hood movie, and I liked that. Liked even more that it was not the same as that movie. Scarlet is sort of unique. Which I loved. This book has a lot more happening, but also a lot less. And there is a lot of torture and death in this book. Which was hard to read, but it was also awesome that it had that.

There is a lot of things happening in this book, lots of good thing, but more bad things. All of it exciting an amazing, though. I really liked the characters in this book. Well, mostly ;) Scarlet is an amazing character. She is strong, but also broken, and she is kind and loyal. But she is also stupid at times, and feels very bad about herself. And I'm sort of hating her for that..

The bad guy in this book is really bad. But also a great bad guy. He is evil, and not a good person. And he is closely tied to Scarlet. Which I sort of liked. But I still hated him. And I'm also mad that the ending left that part open too. Wish to know what happens next with everything.

I did not like Little John. He didn't seem nice to me, and although he might have been a sweet person, to me he is just an asshole. In the whole book. But especially in the end. I hate him there the most. But the thing I hate more than anything, is that Scarlet has a relationship with him. Kind of. It is only a few kisses, but still. She still kisses him. And I will not forgive that.

But besides all that, there is an even more amazing character. Rob. Or, Robin Hood. I love him so much. He is so awesome. He's kind, protective, very good looking ;) He is also grumpy, but I understand why and I love him for it. Robin is the character I loved the most. And hurt for the most. He goes through a lot of pain in this book; first emotially, and it kills me that Scarlet didn't understand that.

Then near the end he is hurt so so so so bad. And I hated it! But yeah, I also loved it.. because I kind of like those things (A) It just made me love him more. And there is a lot of reasons to love him. So many. And by the end, I loved him even more. But I was also pissed at the end.

I mean, it ends happily and all, but not really. It is such a sudden end, and I wish there were a few hundred pages more. But mostly I wish for a sequel. Because this book ends brutally, with so many things left open and not finished at all. And I want it finished ;) And I also wanted a lot more romance. It finally happens at the end, but there isn't enough. Only a few pages. And I really need more :)

Anyway, this book is amazing, and so so so good. It really is a must read :) Didn't want to say too much about it, because I don't want to give spoilers :) Well, except for those things I did spoil a bit ;p But still, I'm hoping so much for a sequel. <3


  1. I absolutely LOVED this book!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it as well :)

  2. I think I gave this a 3.5 when I reviewed it. I liked the characters - mainly Scarlet and Rob - but the story itself felt like it was lacking a little something to me. Still, it was still a great read. I'm glad you liked it too! I would love to read a sequel as well. :)


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