Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Outside In by Maria V. Snyder

I didn't like this as much as the first book. It isn't bad, it just is not as good as book one :) The plot is still great, but I'm not liking the characters so much, and their actions didn't mean anything to me. And I had a lot of issues reading this book :\ Especially since it reminds me so much of Across the Universe, but without that amazing writing. But it is still unique, and I liked that.

Outside In continues where Inside Out finished. It still has a great plot, and I still liked how the people lived. Although they did complain a lot. But I can understand that. Mostly ;) What I didn't like, however, was how much Trella changed from book one to book two.

She is extremely selfish in this book. And she seems a lot like a child at all times. She is certainly acting like one a lot. And I really did not like that. Also don't understand why, she wasn't like that in the first book. At least not as bad.

I still really liked Riley, he is a great person. And I wish I could say I loved the romance, but I didn't :( I wanted to. So much. There isn't anyone else I would rather they be with, but I wish the author had written in better. It just did not seem real, and it didn't make me love it. Although I did like the ending. Very much. But I wish it was better, still.

One of my bigger issues with this book though, was how predictable it was. But still, I was unsure about who the bad guys were :D But then. I hated how they all "forgave" the bad people. I get that they wanted to do the right thing and whatever, but it did not make sense. I never would have done it. Which is why I can't see how Trella could just forgive her mother and forgive Sloan. I didn't like them.

Also, like the first book, this book too described too much. It bored me some. I liked it, sometimes, but it was a bit too much. Anyway, this book is good. And it still has a great plot, with a few interesting characters. So if you have read the first book, you should read this one to see what happens :)

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  1. Too bad you didn't enjoy the romance so much, but I'm glad to her the sequel is still an enjoyable book. Lovely review! I can't wait to get round to the first one. ;)


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