Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

I have wanted to read this book for quite some time now, and I really wanted to love it. But I didn't. And I'm really sad about that fact. I wanted this book because of the pretty cover, and the interesting summary. Then yesterday I started reading it, and I couldn't get into it at all. Considered just giving up, but I didn't. Wanted to see if it could turn out amazing. Well, it didn't.

It took me a long time to read this book, because I got bored a lot. And there wasn't really anything that made me want to continue reading. Although, the plot is really great. So I liked that. And I probably would have loved this book if everything else had been just as good. But no.

The plot is really great though, I liked that they hunt bad demons, I suppose they are. Reminded me of demons from The Mortal Instruments. But this book reminded me a lot of Sisters Red, and that made me sad. Because Sweet Venom wasn't close to being that good :\ The plot had potential, but that was all.

I could have liked that there were three different POVs in this book if the characters had actually been good. But they weren't. I didn't like a single person in this book. And that says something; considering how many characters there were. First, there is Grace. She could have been a great character, she is sweet and all. But she is too dumb, and I didn't like her at all.

And I didn't like Gretchen either. She is the character I wanted to like the most. But she made it impossible. At she isn't even a bad person at all. I just didn't connect with her at all. And then there is Greer. Who doesn't show up until near the end. And she is such a bad character that it made me almost like the others. Almost. Felt like she was "made" wrong. If that makes sense. It should have been written better.

That is the biggest issue for me. The writing. I mean, there isn't any mistakes or such in the writing, I just did not like it. AT ALL. Found it to be sort of stupid. Didn't think anything sounded belivable when it was written that way. Like they all talked to themself aloud. I never do that. And I have never seen or heard anyone else who does. And now all three of them do? I didn't like it.

Plus there was so many other things they thought/did that didn't make sense at all. And I wasn't able to connect to anything in this book. Not the three girls, and not really the story either. Especially not the "love interests." There were three of them. And I didn't fall for anyone. Because of how it was written :\ And yeah. That sucked. Really wanted a good romance :)

Anyway, this was still an interesting book. And even though I didn't like it much, I'm still probably going to read the sequel. Because book one leaves too much unsolved. There is so much that did not happen. So, yeah, checking out the sequel when it's out :)


  1. Oh man. I've bumped this book up my TBR, sucks you didn't like it. Oh well, on the next one? :)

    1. You might like it :D See, it is good ;) I'm just extremely picky with the writing when I read :p I'm not able to enjoy it if I don't like the writing ;p
      Thank you for commenting. <3

  2. Too bad this wasn't better for you. :( I have only read a few Tera Lynn Childs books and found them to be pretty decent reads, but nothing too special. I really like the sounds of this book so hopefully I will enjoy it slightly more. Still, great review as always! :)

    1. Yeah :\ I do think you might like this one :D Because, well, it is a good book :)
      Thank you for commenting. <3 :D

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