Saturday, July 15, 2023

In My Mailbox #610

Another week gone by. This one has been craaaazy. Been sitting outside in the sun for hours every day :) We had three days with super warmth and warm wind and ahh. It was wonderful. But it also sucks, ha, as it is so hot inside too. Ugh. But over now. Still a little warm, but not the same. Aaaalso. I have Taylor Swift Eras tour tickets for London next year, eee :D For August. And I'm so excited. Gosh. Learned that I could get accessible disability tickets for Wembley. So I got those. Took forever and ever to call and buy them. It was not easy. But I managed it and I love my seats. Can't wait to go back to London, ha. Been too many years since I was there last. Excited for shopping, haha :D Also my very first concert. I so wish she would come to Norway. But she isn't. So I'm coming to her, lol. Too excited. <3 Anyway. I haven't read anything this week. But starting a new book tomorrow and I can't wait :) Got some stunning mail this week too. So many books. Ahh. And more pop figures. Oops. Help me, ha. I buy way way too much. Oops. This week I'm waiting on Ruthless Vows :) Hope you are all doing well. <3 And hope you have a great summer too :)

Animal Crossing. Oh. This one is huge. And heavy. Save me. But it is gorgeous. Eeee. It is precious. <3
City of Ashes. New collector's edition. <3 Of course I had to buy it, haha :D Just so love all these books.
Dragonfall. I have followed this author for a while on twitter and I am so curious about this book of hers :)
Brightly Woven. I have no idea what this is about; graphic novel. But getting all Alexandra books, haha :)
The Isles of the Gods. Australian edition. It arrived all kinds of banged up. Ugh. I am disappointed. Rude.
Lore. Eee! Fairyloot edition :D I bought this one from a seller in Norway. I just had to have it. Loved it so.
The Storm Crow + Wicked as You Wish + Furyborn. Bought these Fairyloot ARCs from a Norway seller. I may have bought them to try to trade them, haha :) Already own Furyborn. <3 Curious about the others :)
Find Him Where You Left Him Dead. Eee! Thank you Megan for trading with me :D Very excited for this.
Silver in the Bone. Ahh! Thank you so much Anna for trading with me :D UK ARC. My love. My precious. It is perfect. And sampler! And pre-order pin! Ahh! So stunning. I so love the paper art she included. <3
Beth Revis Swag. Eee! Another Patreon reward. <3 Beth is the best. Sigh. Love this gorgeous swag. <3

Funko Europe. Yeah. More pop figures. Oops. I just had to buy all of these, ha :D Love the new Peter Pan ones. <3 Love the spooky countdown. Needed it, haha. Love the new Snow White. All are adorable.

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