Saturday, July 8, 2023

In My Mailbox #609

I'm too sleepy. Gah. I have been spending some days this week outside in the sun, all day. <3 Today as well. I'm too tired. How rude. But I'm loving sitting outside. I love the heat, finally. Sigh. Love that we have gotten many summer days this summer, ha :D And next week will be hotter, eee. I'm excited, ha. I read a book this week too, which I loved. <3 Sigh. And I got a whole bunch of awesome mail. Eee. I have been doing a whole bunch of trading lately :) Many arrived this week. <3 More to come, ahh :D I'm so so very excited, haha. This week I'm waiting on Her Radiant Curse :D And shared my review of Divine Rivals. <3 I'm trying to get Taylor Swift tour tickets on Monday. <3 Disability. Wish me luck. Hope you are all good :)

Silver in the Bone ARC. Oh. The gorgeous. The perfect. Best trade. Love this precious. Sigh. Best book.
Gilded + Cursed UK ARCs. AHH! My precious :D I am so happy to have traded for these. <3 Love them.
The Luminaries UK ARC. Eee. Another trade. I know. I have not read this book yet. Oops. But so excited.
The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding. I'm working on getting all books by Alexandra I have missed, ha :)
Funko Europe. Uhm. Yeah. More pop figures. Oops. But those Peter Pan sodas were too cute, ahh :D I had to have them, ha. Love the cooler bag. Was not happy with getting Peter as a chase/shadow. Rude.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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