Saturday, April 22, 2023

In My Mailbox #598

Ten days left! Ahhh! Leaving for Paris and Disneyland in just ten days. <3 I cannot wait to spend my 30th birthday at Disney :) Eee. So very excited. Will be a short trip, but long enough, and it will be so good :) Sigh. I cannot wait. Anyway. Another week gone by. Ack! And I still have not read anything. Oops. But I do know what I'm reading next. And I'm going to start it in a moment, at last, ha :) I have been busy this week with my spa bath, as always. <3 And just trying to take it easy. Was medicine day early this week, and it sucked. Ugh. But now taking a break from it, finally. A whole bunch of new mail. <3 No print books, but two eARCs, ack :D And I am fully excited about both of them. Gosh. Reading both soon. This week I'm waiting on Clementine and Danny Save the World (and each other). <3 Hope you are all doing well :)

Pop Figures. Some new ones bought from bigbadtoystore :) Love my new pokemon, eee. So adorable.
The Last of Us. I have been wanting to get this PS5 game for ages :) And I shall play it.. one day, haha :D
Beth Revis swag. Another new mailing of some precious Beth swag :D Love the House of Hex cover. <3
Pokemon Plushes + Nintendo Rewards. EEE! Thank you so much Megan for helping me get all of this to Norway from the UK :D Ahh! I am beyond thrilled and happy. <3 Eee. I bought those two most adorable pokemon plushes, and I love them so. Bigger than I thought, ha, but so fluffy and cute. All the other stuff is nintendo platinum point rewards, all free. They still do not ship to Norway again. Ugh. So I am so fully thankful that my friend could help me so I could get all of this. <3 I love it so. Thank you so much love :)

Champion of Fate. Eeee. I had to download this via Edelweiss, ahh :D New Kendare. SO excited for it.
Together We Rot. I had forgotten that I requested this on Netgalley, until I got approved :D Cannot wait.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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