Saturday, April 15, 2023

In My Mailbox #597

How has it already been a week? How rude. Time moves way too fast. Gosh. I haven't been able to read this week, as I have just been busy with my spa bath, haha :D I'm loving my baths so so much. Sigh. But also, I am so goddamn exhausted all the time. Oh. The baths are killing my energy. But I'm hopeful that it will get better soon, haha :) Hopefully starting a new book tomorrow. Also! I forgot to mention it last week, but I saw the new Mario movie at the cinema. And it was awesome. I loved it. <3 Eee. This week I got a bunch of books, ha :) And more pop figures, of course. This week I'm waiting on A Study in Drowning :) Also! 17 days left until my small Disneyland Paris birthday trip, eee :D I hope you are all doing well. <3

Stars and Smoke. This one sounds pretty great; and I had to get it, haha :) Just hoping to love it one day.
Royal Blood. Finally managed to order it, after my pre-order got cancelled. Ugh. Hoping to read soonish :)
Serafina and the Black Coat. I could not resist buying this new graphic novel :D I did love this book one.
Rise of the School for Good and Evil. US paperback edition is out. Of course I had to have this one, haha.
Arch-Conspirator. Finally bought the US and UK editions. So small, and so expensive? Rude. But excited.
Funko Europe. Yeah. Another order has arrived. Oops. Love them :D I so love my Ursula soda, eee. <3

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