Saturday, February 4, 2023

Review: Curses by Lish McBride

It gives me so much joy to say that I loved this book just as much as I had hoped I would. It only took me ages to finally read it. But I'm so happy that I did, at last. As it was such a great book. I am even giving it five stars. As I loved it so. It was a fun and exciting story and I thought it was wonderful. Plus the writing was great.

I shall not share too much about this book. Only a bit of my love for it. At first I was worried that I would not like it, as it seemed like there was a bunch of different point of views and people to get to know. But turns out there was not. Only truly two point of views to get to know and love. And oh, how I loved them most.

This book tells the story of Merit and Tevin. Two very completely different people, from different lives. Getting to see them coming together and getting to know each other was the very best thing. Sigh. I loved how fun this book. There was a little heartbreak, of course. But not much. It was mostly just fun and so good. Well, the curses were not fun. And I wish this world had been kinder. But it was so amazing too and I loved it the most. I so wish Lish would write more from this world, as I want to read more about all of them. Want more of my precious favorite characters. And also more from all the side characters. I want to know if they all ended up happy. I want other curses broken, I want punishment for the godling's who cursed them, ha. But even so. This book had such a great and perfect ending and I loved it so much.

I figure I should mention this world first. The book is set in the past, but not fully our past. A world that has magic, at least some of it. There are creatures living in this world too. And I so loved that. I wish we had seen even more of them, as they were adorable. It is a world of curses and gifts. I loved getting to know all about it. I only wish there had been even more, more books with even more details. But oh, it was so good. I felt like this world was written really well, which I loved. But what I loved most were the characters.

First there was Merit. She was cursed by a fairy godling when she was almost fifteen years old. Cursed to be a beast for the rest of her life, unless she married someone her mother chose before her eighteenth birthday. Or if she found true love. She got turned into a true beast. But with her mind her own. I so loved getting to know this girl. She is now just six weeks from turning eighteen. Until she turns into a beast for real, her mind gone. She is running out of time, losing more of herself. She just wants to break her curse.

We get to know her pretty well. And I adored this girl so very much. I loved how there was something she could take, to be a human again, if only for a few hours. But I truly loved the beast side of Merit. It was so interesting to read about and I just so adored getting to know it. Her beast was a little wild but still her too. Wish she had been described a little more, though. Merit was such a feisty girl and I adored her. She was fun and sweet too. Her relationship with her mom was very complicated, but it did get better, somewhat.

And then there was Tevin. Such a complicated boy. He was not cursed, but gifted instead. With charm. And reading about all of that was so interesting, how he was able to charm almost everyone into doing what he wanted. He was also fully handsome. And I loved that too, haha. His parents were thieves. And he was too, to help them; help his siblings. Which is how he ended up meeting Merit; his mother traded him away. But anyway. Tevin was all kinds of stunning and I loved him so. He was fun and sweet and oh.

There were so many other characters in this book. I cannot mention them all, and so I will not. But I will say that Merit had two friends that I adored so very much. Well, her healer and her protector. They were both her friends and I loved getting to know them. Tevin also had the very best family, well, siblings. His parents were the worst. But his two siblings were the best. And his best friend, Val, was incredible too. I loved how everyone was included in this book. There were two sisters, cursed, whom I loved to pieces.

Oops. I have already written way too much about this book. Had planned on writing just a little. But then I started talking about these characters and I could not stop. And I still have things that needs to be written down. But almost done. There was so, so much going on in this book. The plot was every kind of exciting and thrilling. Also rude. Merit hires Tevin to help her find a good husband before her time is up. It does not go as planned. And it was so great, ha. Curses was a magical adventure book. One that I loved so much.

I must say that I did not really like her having to spend time with other boys, trying to find a husband. But I also did not mind too much, because it was written in a good way too. The romance was between Merit and Tevin. A little slow to happen. But so very good and I shipped them the most. Sigh. There is so much I could say about this book. Already said too much, yet not nearly enough. It was such a fun read. I did want a little more, but I'm so happy with it too. And just glad I finally read it. Now you must read this too.


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