Saturday, February 4, 2023

In My Mailbox #587

Another week has passed, ack :) Already February. Gosh. My little girl, my cat, turned 10 years old on the first :D Ahh! So old now, haha, but acting so very young. I love her the most. <3 It's getting closer to April. I am, hopefully, putting my spa bath up again in just over two months, eee. I can't wait :D Plus side, I read a book this week, yay! And I loved it; a five star. <3 So happy about that. But this week have sucked. I have been so stressed. And I still am, honestly. DHL Express lost my package last Friday. And they still have not found it. It arrived in my town. Then it was gone the next day. And this is just not okay. Half of my funko order is out of stock. I won't get the items again. And I am so so angry and sad about it, to be honest. Sigh. So, yeah. I'm stressed. They are all looking for it. A case has been opened with dhl and from funko as well, since I contacted them. I just. I hope they find it. Sigh. But.. I don't really think they will, I think someone stole it. Hmph. But yeah. I hope, even so. Anyway :) Despite this, I'm doing okay. Health sucks, always, ha. But I'm good. Feeling positive about reading, and hoping to read something else this coming week :) Fingers crossed. This week I'm waiting on Arch-Conspirator :D I shared my review of Curses. <3 Three books read so far this year. More than last year :) Hope you are all well :)

Riven. I'm excited about this book :D Been a fan of Mindee for years. <3 I'm hoping to read it very soon.
Beyond the End of the World. US paperback edition. <3 I must re-read book one soon, so I can read this.
Serendipity. New US paperback version :) I have not read this yet, but Marissa Meyer, so had to own it :)
Funko Europe. Oops. I ordered all the things this past week. Of course, one package is still missing. Ugh. But I got all of these items at least :D And ahh, so much amazing. <3 Many exclusives. Oh, a few were ordered from EMP. I finally got Vecna and Eddie from Stranger Things :D Love love my The Lion King special. Love my Kit & Doggy, eee. SO cute. Everything is perfect. Of course, I don't have room. Oops :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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