Saturday, February 18, 2023

In My Mailbox #589

This past week have suuuucked. Ugh. I was sick a week ago. Then I took a corona test on sunday, and it was positive. Goddamn it. I am not happy about it. Second time, a year since my first time positive. And this week have been fucking awful. I have not been doing well at all and have been reacting so poorly to having corona, haha. My body and health sucks. Sigh. I'm better today, but not good. Just want to heal fast and hoping my body isn't more damaged from having had corona again. Ugh. But, yeah. I am okay. Have not read anything this week, have not been well enough. Just mostly been sitting still, trying to take it easy. Sigh. Oh. And I got all the mail this week. Oops. Aaall the books. Ahh. Even my two-week missing package showed up. What even. I cannot believe it, haha :) But I'm glad it made it. <3 I got a bunch of pop figures, oops. Must stop buying. This week I'm waiting on Lying in the Deep :) Hope you're well. <3

Chain of Thorns. Whoops. All my copies are here, ha :) Two US hardcovers, one UK hardcover, and the waterstones uk hardcover special edition. <3 It's gorgeous. I need to catch up on this series very soon :)
Seasparrow. Got my fairyloot edition of Seasparrow :D And it is stunning, eee. I love it so much. Sigh. <3
The Stolen Heir. Had forgotten about this one, now bought :) I know, haven't read book one yet. One day.
Empire of the Vampire. I haven't read this one yet either. Oops. But now I have the new UK paperbacks :)
Lore. Another book I have not read yet, oops, and I own the hardcover. But bought this new pback too :)
Ninth House. Ordered from waterstones, so had to get this special edition cover paperback, haha. Pretty.
Skyborn: Call of the Crow. Paperback edition is out. And it looks stunning. I loved this series so so much.
Animal Crossing. I had to own this desk mat :D It is so pretty. Eee. I have nowhere to put it, ha, but love.
Funko Europe. Yeah. I got a whole bunch of more pop figures. Oops. Max, at last :D Love love love all my mystery minis from Stranger Things. <3 Got a bunch of different :) Now missing four rarer ones. I need :)

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