Saturday, February 11, 2023

In My Mailbox #588

Already another Saturday. How rude. Time is moving too fast :) But I am so excited about that, because I cannot wait for winter to be over, haha. I want it to be April, for it to be time to put my spa bath up again. <3 And for it to be May, as I will have the most wonderful birthday, ahh :) Hope time continues to move fast, haha. Anyway. This week. Ugh. My missing/lost package has not been found. It went missing two weeks ago. At last got a refund from funko europe, but ugh, I'm disappointed. I wanted my sold out items. Rude. I did get a bunch of other great mail, though. <3 And I read another book this week :D Yay! That makes it four books read so far this year, which is way more than last year, when I read my fourth book at the end of April. Gosh. So, yeah. I'm happy to be reading more :) But now need a little break, I think. I'm exhausted. And I am now sick too, of course. Uuugh. Not feeling good at all. Yeah. But I'm doing my best anyway :) Oh, I have played a whole lot of Mario Party Superstars with my nephew; so much fun. <3 This week I'm waiting on Find Him Where You Left Him Dead :D And shared my review of Princess of Souls :)

Cut! I'm so excited to read this new book by Cat Winters. <3 I love that she has written a picture book.
Rise of the Dragons: The Lost Lands. Bought this book only because Jessica Khoury wrote it, haha :)
One Girl in All the World. One day I shall read the first book, so I may read this second one too, ha :D
Seasparrow. Finally bought the UK paperback edition for my collection as well. <3 Huge and gorgeous.
Hell Bent. Got my stunning waterstones edition, at last :D Love the stained edges. <3 So love this cover.
Funko Europe. Oops. Another pop figure order, ha :) LOVE my orca. <3 Love the new spider-man too :)
Funko Pop. Oh! The Mickey Mouse holiday pop figure was bought via a private seller here; needed him :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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