Saturday, February 25, 2023

In My Mailbox #590

I'm still alive, haha :) Still healing from having had corona again. Ugh. Still so exhausted and so tired all the time. But I'm doing better, I guess :) This week I got a bunch of new mail, oops. <3 No books, though. But some arriving next week, I think :) I haven't really done much this week. Just taking it easy. I've been watching my nephew play the new hogwarts legacy game on my playstation 5 for hours. And it looks so exhausting, haha, but good too. I only read a very short picture book this week, but I'm still happy to have read something :) Fingers crossed I will read a new book next week. Oh, I am doing another re-watch of The Lord of the Rings. <3 This week I'm waiting on Menacing Manor :) And shared my review of Cut! <3

Lore Swag. Eee! Thank you so much Alexandra for this most gorgeous Lore paperback pre-order swag.
Beth Revis Swag. Love these new pieces of swag that I got from Beth, eee. They are all stunning. Love.
Funko Europe. Oops. I was not supposed to order more pop figures for a while. Then they got that most gorgeous Lord of the Rings in stock. And I had to have it. Ahh. And some more, haha :) I finally got the Maleficent soda dragon diamond chase version. <3 Took me five tries. Ooops. But so worth it :D Love it the most. Oh. And my two new pokemon pop figures were bought from amazon; was the last two I was missing :D Love them all. A bunch of new mystery minis, no new ones. Aw. But I still had to try, haha :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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