Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Review: Gilded by Marissa Meyer

My heart is breaking a little. I had not truly planned on re-reading Gilded before reading Cursed. Thought I would not need to, as it has not yet been a year since I read it. But then I got the second book in the mail. I peeked at the very end. And I just had to start reading this first book again. Oops. I don't regret it for a moment.

Okay, I regret it a little. Had forgotten how very painful this book was. How heartbreaking this story truly is. Shudders. I am a little broken right now. But oh, how good it was. I needed this second read, before reading the final book. I needed to be reminded of all the small details, as there were many of those. All of the pain.

Gilded is a true fairy tale. A different version of Rumpelstiltskin. Where he is not the villain, but a cursed boy. And the true villain is way, way worse. The girl is also cursed, in a way. And oh, she goes through so much pain. Sobs. This story pretty much broke me. But it was so good. Sigh. And I loved Serilda and Gild's story the very most. But it is not complete. Not at all. This one ends so painfully. And I am most ready to start reading Cursed next. Love that it is only two books, that I must not wait any longer to know how it all ends. I honestly don't remember much of my first review, and I do not read them again. But I see that it was long. And this time I will not be writing that much. Will do my best to share only a little of my love for this story. Though my love is infinite.

I don't know where to begin. I won't do a recap of the story, as I don't tend to do that when I write second reviews. But I will still share a little. Simply because I loved this book so much. And I cannot stop thinking about how it just broke my heart all over again. Hmph. There are parts of this that are a little slow, where nothing much happens. And yet I loved those parts as well. The book is only told from the point of view of Serilda, and I adored her to pieces. She's such an amazing girl. Full of love and bravery. Full of pain too.

Which is just another reason for why I loved her so much. I adored reading again about her life with her father. They live alone and they have it good enough. She spends most of her time teaching five young children, whom she adores. They were awesome to read about too. Serilda is all kinds of lonely, though. Because of the gold in her eyes. Because she was given a gift by a god before she was born. The god of truth and lies. The god of stories. And so everyone thinks she is a liar and stays away from her. So rude.

Getting to read about her curse again was the best thing. Now knowing that the stories she tells, which everyone believes to be lies, are not so. It was all kinds of awesome. And I so cannot wait to read more about it all. I simply loved getting to know Serilda all over again. I loved reading about her meeting the people in the town next to the haunted castle. They were great to read about. Hope to see more of them in book two, but I'm worried, ha. This book was full of different characters, mostly ghosts. All awesome.

I truly shall not say much more about this story. There is so much I could say, though. So much I want to say too, ha. But trying to control myself, as I just need to share that I loved this book so, so very much this second time of reading as well. I think it may have been even better this time. I think I loved it more. Oh. What was most precious to me was reading about Serilda and Gild together. He was a most precious almost-ghost. Loved them growing closer, with how little time they had together. It was just the sweetest.

But then there were all the dark parts of this story. The Erlking. The wild hunt. The dark ones. All the ghosts, all their gruesome deaths. And then the story. The story about the castle, who once lived there. What happened to them all. We learn a little at a time. And oh, it still breaks me. It is the most painful story. Shudders. But oh so good. But oh so sad and such a heartbreaking ending. Gosh. But anyway. Gilded was still the most perfect book. I am so glad I read it again. You need this book in your life too.

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