Saturday, November 5, 2022

In My Mailbox #574

It's November already. Gosh. And I am busy reading The Scorpio Races for the 12th time, eee. <3 My precious. My love. I still love it the very most. Sigh. Will finish it tomorrow, taken me a few days, oops. At least I'm reading a little :) So I'm happy with it. Been mostly exhausted and sick all week. It has sucked so much. Got some type of cold. Coughing when I lie in bed, so painful. Not sleeping well. Maybe a bit better right now, just hoping it lasts. Hmph. I may have gotten too much mail this week. Ahh. Ordered too much too. Oops. But.. just waiting on news about something else, so I can order that, at last, ha :) Hopeful for this coming week. Only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on One Girl in All the World. <3 I'm just waiting for it to finally be time to put up Christmas in my place, ha :) I keep switching between re-listening to the Taylor Swift Midnights album and the Christmas radio channel, ha. <3 Hope you're all doing good :)

Inside Bridgerton. Eee. I just had to buy this new book :D It is stunning. I just love this show so much.
Strike the Zither. Regular hardcover, and personalized copy :D Eee! Love! Reading it very soon too. <3
Animal Crossing. Third of a graphic novel series; I own them all, ha :) Reading them one day, hopefully.
Miraculous Ladybug. Eee! I am so excited that this is now a game for my Switch :D So excited to play it.
Taylor Swift: Midnights. Oh. I love this new CD so so so much. Waiting on two more editions, ha :) Love.
Pop Figures. Had to order these from a different place; finally have Dustin and Antonio. <3 Both adorable.

Funko Europe. Oops. I may have placed a new, very very big, pop figure order. <3 Ack! But there was so much awesome just coming out :D Almost all the new Stranger Things figures, eee. SO perfect. A few new from Harry Potter too. I'm still buying all of those, as I love the movies. Just hate the author. New Princesses too :D Love. More minis, finally one new, ha :) And some lovely Sodas, eee. I love them all.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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