Saturday, November 19, 2022

In My Mailbox #576

This week have been exhausting. But good. I finished re-reading Gilded earlier this week. <3 And have started Cursed, but only 20 pages, and that was days ago. Ahh! Finally reading a little more tonight. <3 Just been too busy these past few days. Hmph. How rude. But loving these books soso much. Sigh. My health still sucks, and today was not a good day. But I'm doing my best :) Ordered some more Christmas presents today, ha. Almost done with my family now :) Yay. Just love that it's almost Christmas, eee. Got a bit of lovely mail too, of course, ha :D A couple of new blog posts. I shared my second review of Gilded. <3 And this week I'm waiting on Stars and Smoke :) I hope that you're all doing well and staying safe. <3

Seasparrow. Finally got my US hardcover as well :D Pretty huge and stunning. Hoping to read this soon.
Cursed. UK paperback edition. <3 The edges are stained! And so gorgeous :D Ahh! I love it so much. <3
Smurfs Kart. I couldn't resist buying this new Switch game, haha :D It looks awesome. I love the Smurfs :)
Pop Figures. First three I bought from EMP :) Three I have wanted for a while. <3 Love my new Jaskier.
Funko Europe. Another order from here. Oops. I just love that Harry Potter moment. And that Stitch. <3

A Crown of Ivy and Glass.
Oh. I got this precious as a read-now on Netgalley, eee :D I AM SO EXCITED. Newest Claire book :D Yesss. It's going to be epic, of course. <3 As all her books are :) Desperately need the print ARC for my collection, though. But I will of course be reading this eARC, ha :D After I finish reading my current read. I cannot wait. <3 So very thankful and happy :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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