Friday, April 22, 2022

Review: Furyborn by Claire Legrand

At last, I have been brave enough to read Furyborn for the third time. It has been over four years since my first read, three years since my second. And I have still not read Lightbringer. Mostly because of how Kingsbane killed me, and I have not been brave enough to start my re-read until now, ha. I so love these books.

I know I will love the third book too. But oh, I'm beyond nervous. Simply because I adore this story and these characters so much. Will not be reading my older reviews before I write this. I am not able to have those in my mind right now. I haven't read a lot for so long now. And it took me a whole week to re-read this lovely.

But I am so glad that I finally read it again. Because I still love this book the most. It still gives me so much joy to read it. Even all the evil parts, haha. I am not at all sure my heart can handle my re-read of Kingsbane next. It will be hard. I love it so. But the paaain. Gosh. Still. I'm so excited too. Won't be writing such a long review of Furyborn this time. As I'm having trouble finding the right words. My heart is just full of love right now. It makes me so happy that I still love this book so much, all these years later. It is so not always the case. But it have always been so with books by Claire. Sigh. She is my most favorite author. And her books means the most to me. Words are failing me. It was good to read this one again, as I had forgotten so much of it. Not the important parts, but so many small details. All so exciting.

There is so much I could say about this story. Will only share a little. It tells such an epic tale of two girls. Set one thousand years apart. Connected through blood and secrets. I still love Rielle and her story the most. But I so adore Eliana as well. But yeah. Rielle holds my heart a little bit more. Her and Audric. They are from the past, have been best friends since they were little. Along with Ludivine. These three were so good together and I loved it the most. Their friendship was the cutest. I loved getting to know them more.

But the growing romance between Rielle and Audric was the best. And it still makes me so happy. Since it is so pure and adorable. They truly love each other. It's not without issues, though. And that just makes me love it more. Rielle has such an incredible journey to go through. Still dislike her father so much. Ugh. And I truly love her powers. They are dark, could be. But so special. She is one of a kind. A queen of an ancient prophecy. Dark or light. Full of magic and power. And I loved reading about this all so much. Eee.

Then there was Eliana, from the present day. Her relationship with her younger brother, Remy, was still the cutest. Eee. I adore that boy. And I so love Eliana too. She's dark and dangerous. But she do have a heart, buried deep within. I am still so bitter about what happened to Harkan, though, haha. I still feel like they were perfect together and still should have been together. Sigh. I know, it can't be. But I still wished for it. He was such a precious friend and I loved him so. They were the best, for such a short time. Rude.

But Eliana is meant for Simon. I suppose. I did like Simon more, I think. He is still such a mystery. And he does a lot of lying, keeping things hidden. But yeah. His story is dark and sad and I do like it very much. Reading about him and Eliana meeting and spending time together is interesting and exciting. I'm just a little bitter about that too, ha. But oh, how I love their stories. All of them. Navi too, especially. She went through so much heartbreak. Shudders. I liked getting to know them, all over again. Felt like the first time.

There is so much I still wish to say, but I won't. So much happens in this book. Yet much, much more is to come. Reading about the trials that Rielle had to face was so exciting. I had forgotten some details. And reading it again was the best thing. She is so powerful. And a little dangerous. But oh, how thrilling it was to read about everything. Then there are the angels. Corien. I still hate him. And I always will, ha. But that storyline is pretty good too. Just. Oh. The heartbreak to come. So rude. This story was just so good. Sigh.

Furyborn is still such an amazing and thrilling book for me. I still love it the most. The romance between Rielle and Audric still brings me so much joy. Sigh. All the friendships are simply the best. I'm so happy that I finally made myself read it again, so I can at last read book three soon. I am, of course, completely nervous. But I know I will love it. I just know my heart will break a million times first, haha. But it will also be worth it, I know. If you still haven't read these books, you are truly missing out. Read them. Love them.

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  1. I started this book awhile back but haven't picked it up again. Must finish it!


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