Saturday, April 24, 2021

In My Mailbox #494

Sigh. I just finished watching season one of Shadow and Bone on Netflix. <3 And my heart is full. It was so well done and so perfect. I loved the Crows included too, despite most of it not at all being canon. It was so good. Except. Goddamn it. They cut out all the Mal and Alina romance scenes. I am goddamn angry about it. And so sad. Those scenes were my very favorite ones. Sigh. Anyway. Still perfect :) And eee. I even read a book this week, at last :D I am very happy about that. And I have a date for my first corona vaccine. This coming week. Gosh. Hoping it will go okay. A little bit of mail this week, which is fully okay. I have gotten too much for too long now. Ack. So perfect, though. <3 Wait. I'm getting a big box of books next week from Alyssa. Oops. Oh, well :D This week I'm waiting on The Wolf and the Woodsman :) And shared my review of Any Sign of Life. <3 Hope you are all still staying safe and doing good. <3 Hugs.

Dustborn. This book was pretty much awesome. <3 And the finished copy looks gorgeous. Eee. Love it.
One True King. Such a pretty new US paperback edition :D Sigh. This was a perfect final book; loved it.
Moomin Colouring Book. I could not resist ordering this one :D Such a huge Moomin fan. So adorable.

More Instagram photos here. <3

Instagram on my firefox will not let me save photos like I have used to.
So odd screenshot today. Will be better next week :)

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