Saturday, April 17, 2021

In My Mailbox #493

Time is moving way too fast lately. But I don't really mind. Problem is just that I still haven't read anything. Sigh. But hoping to actually start a book tomorrow :) Fingers crossed. I have simply been busy watching movies and shows. Oops. Recent show: The Serpent. It was crazy, yet I liked it a lot. Recent movie: Love and Monsters. It was so good. Just really hoping to read soon too. Hmph. I am also taking my spa baths, which are the best. <3 It's finally getting less snowy outside, haha. Hoping for start of green soon. Fingers crossed. Only one new post. This week I'm waiting on For the Wolf. <3 Got some pretty mail too, which I'm happy about :D Hope you are all staying safe. <3 I need to figure out if I'm getting the vaccine soon.

Rule of Wolves. Oops. Another edition. This time the UK paperback version :) Which is just gorgeous.
Thornwood. I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous middle grade book. It looks stunning. Hope to love it.
Aurora Burning. And then it was the new US paperback edition too. Simply must have all editions. Ack.
Hollow Dolls. Finally managed to order this new stunning paperback edition. <3 It is so very precious.
Pop Figures. Ahh! So many new ones. I love Baymax. And Raya. And Wonder Woman and Harry Potter.

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