Saturday, April 10, 2021

In My Mailbox #492

Last week I got no mail, and this week I got all the mail. Ahh. So many books :D I am so very excited. <3 Sadly have not read anything yet. Sigh. I just have not felt like it at all. I am watching a few movies each day instead. Hoping to feel like reading soon. Spa bath got taken up one week ago. <3 Spent a few days getting heated. And have now taken two baths :) Been too much cold wind for more. But it's up, and I can take a bath outside whenever I want, eee. I am so excited about it. <3 Sigh. The heat is the best. I love all the books I got this week. My health still sucks, the pain in my back is not good. Hoping to get it checked out soon. Only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales. <3 I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I'm doing as good as I can :) I do need to read again soon.

Rule of Wolves. UK and US hardcover editions :D I know, have not read book one yet. But still excited.
Aurora Burning. UK paperback edition with gorgeous orange stained pages :) I did love this book a lot.
Monster Hunter Rise + Rayman Legends. I am excited about both of these games :) Monster looks great.
Winterkeep pre-order map. EEE! Thank you Becky. <3 This map looks so very perfect. I love it the most.
The Project pre-order swag. Ahh! Thank you Becky. <3 This swag is awesome and I'm so glad to have it.
Pop figures. I love my Raya ones :D So cute. And that Soul cat is the best, haha. Way too adorable. <3
Thornlight + The Project + The Mystwick School of Musicraft + Broken Wish + Among the Beasts & Briars + Catalyst + Wilderlore + Winterwood + Prince Alastor + Mark of the Thief. All of the ARCs. Oh my gods. Most awesome trade with GodofWax :D Thank you so much. And thank you so much to Becky for helping me get these precious ones to Norway. <3 Gosh. Thornlight! AHH! I am so so very happy :) All so perfect.

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  1. Love the packaging of Mark of the Thief!

    Happy reading!!


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