Saturday, December 26, 2020

In My Mailbox #477

Merry Christmas week everyone. <3 Hope you guys have had the very best time :) Christmas was the best for me and my family, as I knew it would be. My family is small, all living close by, so we are always together. Which is the best. I hope you have all been lucky too. I got so many gifts this year. And I gave many to my family too. We were all happy. <3 I got one book in the mail, so sharing that and a few of my presents, but not all of them :) I also got a Radiant Health infrared sauna, eee. Which I have tried twice, and is so hot and so good. Couldn't spend too much time inside it at once, but hoping to do it each day, a little bit. Should be very good for my health. A couple of new blog posts too :) This week I'm waiting on Small Favors. <3 And I shared my Best Four Stars of 2020 :D Eee. Happy Holidays to all of you. <3 I am so behind on things, but yeah, it's Christmas :) I saw all of Bridgerton today. It was SO GOOD. Loved it.

Unlocked. Eee. International paperback edition. <3 Getting hardcover one day too. A beautiful series.
Lost. I own the DVDs, but gosh, I had to get the boxset blu-ray of the whole series. Re-watch one day.
Lord of the Rings. Eee. I got the soundtrack from all three movies. And a cup. Bought myself ducks :D
Stranger Things Lego. Ahh. Was a gift from my sister. And I am loving it the most. SO excited to build.
Pikachu + Toothless. Eee. That tiny Pikachu can talk and move. I adore it. Toothless can growl. Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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