Saturday, December 5, 2020

In My Mailbox #474

So happy that it is finally December :D Eee. It's the best. But also so busy for me. But loving Christmas time so very much. Sigh. Sadly, I have not read anything yet this week. I have my next book right next to me, just need to start it. And so far no energy for it. I want to read, yet I don't, so yeah. It's hard. But I am hopeful for tomorrow, maybe. Which I say every day. Ha. So only one blog post. This week I'm waiting on Any Way the Wind Blows :) I finally took some instagram photos this week, so happy about that. All in the same format, with my Christmas tree. I think they are pretty :) Got a little bit of mail too, all awesome. Just yeah. I've had a good week. Exhausted, but good. Hoping to read soon. Hope you are all doing good. <3

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. Oops. I have not read this series just yet. But soon :D
The Subtle Knife. Sigh. This tv-show tie-in looks so very gorgeous. Sigh. I haven't watched it just yet :)
Taylor Swift: Folklore. Oh no. Broken CD. Sobs. But still, pretty. And a cassette, which looks awesome.
Red School. Ahh :D Thank you so much Soman and Victoria for writing these awesome graphic novels.

 More Instagram photos here. <3

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