Thursday, October 3, 2019

Review: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Fifth time reading this lovely book. And oh my gosh. It still keeps getting better and better for each time I read it. I'm so very in love with this series. And the next two books are even better. Sigh. So thrilled that I finally got to read them again right now. I will never tire of this world. Reading these books will always be so magical.

I loved everything about this book this time as well. The writing is great. The world is so very exciting and thrilling. And gosh, how badly I love Lyra. She is the most adorable. All kinds of wild and full of trouble in this first book. And I love her so very much. Sigh. She is the best. And reading about her life gives me so much joy.

There is so much I could write about these books, I am sure of it. But I have already done so. Several times. And this time I am not going to write much at all. Instead I am going to focus on actually re-reading these lovely books. Which I am beyond thrilled about. I mean, seriously. If you still have not read His Dark Materials you are forever missing out. This series is the best. It's a set of books everyone must read at least once. Or several times, like me, ha. They never get boring. Which is the best thing. And even though I have read this book four times before I still get so surprised about everything that happens. I still cry at the saddest parts. Which is still the worst. Hmph. But so good. This book makes me think about a lot of things. Good and bad things. All important.

My love for these books will never end. Not ever. Northern Lights is every kind of exciting and interesting. There is so much happening in this first book. So much to learn. For the reader and for Lyra as well. She starts the book as a child, about eleven years old. She is wild and so full of fun and trouble. She is happy. But oh, how that changes in this series. Already at the end of this first book she has changed so much. Because so much happens to her in this story. It is all kinds of heartbreaking. And all of it so very perfect.

I know I could write about these books forever and ever if I tried to. But this time I do not have the words to describe how much I loved re-reading this most precious book. And so I will write as little as possible. And all I wish to talk about is how precious Lyra is. She is such a great character to read about. And I so love every part of her. She goes through so much. Yet she is still so fierce and brave. Getting to read her story is the very best thing. Sigh. And all the characters around her are awesome to read about as well.

This time I chose a different set of editions to read. These gorgeous UK hardcover special anniversary editions. They are stunning. I own so many copies of these books. Oops. They are worth it, though. As they are all precious. I will not write more about this book. Only that I love it with a passion. So very much. And I cannot wait to re-read the next books, so that I can finally read The Secret Commonwealth. So very nervous. But even more excited about it. It shall be so good and I simply can't wait to finish my re-reads.


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