Saturday, October 12, 2019

In My Mailbox #414

Reading has been so slow this week. Sigh. Been way too busy with my sister and her babies. Oops. It's good, though. But gosh I'm exhausted. Spending a few nights with her too, only home during the day, so even more behind now. Ack. But next week I should be able to get a few things done, haha :) Slowly re-reading my way through The Amber Spyglass. <3 This book will always be precious to me. Hmph. And also. Gosh. I got way too many pre-ordered books this week. Ahh. Save me. But love them all. Ack. Only a couple of new posts, though. I shared my newest review of The Subtle Knife. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Queen of Nothing :) My health is, as always, the worst. I get new issues every week these days it seems. Ugh. So very rude. Trying to deal with it all, though :) Also, ah! I have an international giveaway on twitter. I keep forgetting to share about it. Link below. Ends in two days. Hoping to catch up soon :)

Enter to win a pre-order of either the UK edition of Call Down the Hawk or the US edition of 
Song of the Crimson Flower :D International. Ends October 14th. ENTER HERE.

The Secret Commonwealth. I have peeked. Still excited, but also mostly just disappointed and sad. Sobs.
Darkdawn. Ack. Wrong edition arrived in the mail. Sigh. Still, this book is all kinds of gorgeous, ha. Love.
The End and Other Beginnings. Hardcover has arrived :D I'm hoping to read this gorgeous thing soonish.
Batman: Nightwalker. The stunning graphic novel edition :D I did adore the book. Curious about this one.
Rebel. Ahh. I loved the Legend trilogy a whole lot. Though forever angry about book three ending, haha.
Into the Crooked Place. I must read this book as soon as possible. Nervous but excited about it as well.
Wayward Son. Hmph. US HC was a mistake by bookdepo. Rude. But love my Waterstones edition, eee.
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Sigh. I loved this book so very much. Adore this paperback.
His Dark Materials: Northern Lights. Eee. New tv-show version edition of the book. I had to own it, haha.
Darkdawn Faecrate Hangover Kit. Gosh. I actually pretty much loved all of this box, ahh :D So awesome.
The Secret Commonwealth. Oops. US & UK editions of the audiobook. My collector heart needed them.
Nintendo Switch Games. My newest games, haha :D I had to buy them. No time to play yet, but excited.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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  1. Sorry it's been sucky reading streak for you. But hey you've got some pretties this week! I can't wait to read His Dark Materials. Unfortunately, I can't buy books right now, so I'm waiting till Christmas to buy the series.

    Have a great week!


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