Monday, October 21, 2019

Review: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

Reading this book for the fifth time took a whole lot of time. I have been so distracted. But no matter how long it took me to read this book, I still loved every single moment of it. Gosh. This one is my favorite of the three, always. It is also the book that hurts the very most. It is probably the greatest pain a book have ever given me.

And yet I loved every part of this story. Although I still wish that ending had been different, haha. It is the most painful thing. So well written, of course, but so rude and heartbreaking. Hmph. Yet I cannot help but love it too. But my gosh, that ending hurts. I still wish for a different ending from Philip, one day. But very nervous.

Anyway. I shall not write very much about this book this time. As I have already done so many times before. And my feelings never change. I loved this book so very much the first time I read it. And I loved it as much as always this fifth time reading. I remembered everything. Yet things still felt new to me while I read it again. And I loved that. I love that I will never grow tired of reading this story of Lyra and Will. That I will never not want to know what happens next. Their story is beyond thrilling and exciting. Heartbreaking, of course, but so good. And I love these two children beyond words. Sigh. And so this book was still everything that I wanted it to be. Okay, I still wished for a different ending, ha, but everything else was truly perfect. Sigh. I will always love this series.

There is so much going on in this book. Will is trying to find Lyra after she was taken away by her mother. Finding her took a whole lot of time. And during that time he spend some time with angels. And he meets Iorek. And Lyra was talking to dead people in her dreams. Reading from Will and Lyra's point of view was the best thing. I love these two characters more than anything. They are so very precious. And I love how protective they are of each other. I love how fast they became friends. They are so perfect together. Sigh.

So much happens in this final book. There is the world of the dead. Which was still all kinds of creepy. Yet I loved it so. Sigh. There is the war that Lord Asriel is in charge of. With Mrs. Coulter playing a big part of everything too. Those two characters always confuse me. As I mostly hate them both. And yet in this final book I kind of loved them. Oops. They are so very complicated. And I loved that. There is a war between angels and humans and every other creature too. And it was all awesome to read about. Interesting too.

I know I could spend ages just writing about everything that happens in this third book. But I do not have the energy to do so at this moment. And so I will simply say that this entire book is amazing. Thrilling and exciting and surprising and so very heartbreaking. This story of Lyra and Will is always going to destroy me. Yet I love every moment of it. Sigh. I love how they go from friends to something more. But oh, what happens right after is still the cruelest thing. Rude. Yet everything made sense too. Hmph. Well, mostly.

I loved learning more about Lyra and Will in this book. They are such fierce and brave characters. I so adored reading more about Pan and Will's dæmon, whom slowly arrives. And reading more about Mary was so much fun too. I love that woman. Reading about Mary and the creature people she finds is very interesting and I couldn't help but love all the details of everything. But yeah. For the most part this is the story of Lyra and Will. And it is the most incredible story there is. Fully evil and rude. But very good too.

The Amber Spyglass was just as thrilling this time as the first time I read this book years ago. This whole trilogy is amazing beyond words. I can't even begin to describe how much I love these books. How very much I love Lyra and Will and the worlds they come from. I'm thrilled that I read these books again, finally. And I know I will read them again and again in the future too. They are all simply perfection to me. If you still have not read His Dark Materials yet, then you are seriously missing out on the most perfect books.


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