Thursday, September 26, 2019

Review: Stargazing by Jen Wang

I knew I had to read this book when I saw that gorgeous cover. I had also read The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen before, which was all kinds of adorable. And I knew I would enjoy this one too. And I very much did so. Stargazing was pretty much perfect. Liked it so very much. Four stars for this stunning book.

The writing was beautiful. And the artwork was so perfect. I so loved all the drawings and the characters were beyond sweet. I loved all the diversity in this book. Reading about the different cultures and different food from where I live was so interesting and amazing. Christine and Moon were both so very awesome.

I will not be writing a very long review for this graphic novel, as it was pretty short. But I will be sharing why I adored it. Sharing that I think you should all read this book. It was such a precious story about important friendships. The only thing that I wish had been different was the length of the book. I wanted more. Much more. I wanted the ending to be longer and have more details. I wanted more scenes with Christine and Moon together, as they were the best of friends and so very cute together. But even though it was short, it was still enough. And it still told such a great story that I enjoyed the very most. I found the ending to be mostly perfect too, which made me very happy. There was an afterword that was both sad and sweet and very fitting with the book.

Stargazing tells the story of Christine and Moon. I do not know how old they were, but they seemed and looked pretty young. Either way, they were the perfect age to start a new friendship. The girls do not know each other, not until Christine's father has Moon and her mother move into their extra smaller house out back. Reading about Christine and Moon meeting and getting to know each other was all kinds of sweet. These two girls were so awesome. So different in many ways, but so much the same. I adored them both.

There truly is not much I can say about this book. It tells the story about these two young girls. How they become fast friends and listen to music together and spent so much time together too. They sign up for the school talent show together too, to dance. And seeing them practice was all kinds of fun. They were way too adorable. There is a little jealousy in this book. A little bad behavior from Christine, which was all kinds of sad, but she made up for it. I'm not very forgiving about what she didn't do near the ending, haha.

This book was not very long yet it was long enough to tell a great story about two new best friends. The summary mentions something bad happens. But it did not happen until almost the very end of the book. And it was not written about much at all. I wanted to know more, much more. But it was still so very good, though. Stargazing was every bit as adorable as I knew it would be. Getting to know Christine and Moon was the best thing. They were way too sweet. I think you should all read this stunning graphic novel too.

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