Saturday, September 28, 2019

In My Mailbox #412

I mean, honestly. Another week gone by. How is time moving so fast? Gosh. It's almost winter here, haha. So cold already and some snow coming soon. Ahh! I do not want to have to take down my spa bath next month. Sigh. Will be forever and ever until I can take it up next spring. Rude. Anyway. My health has also completely sucked this week. But I'm doing good despite that. Only read a graphic novel, but have started another book, and will be reading lots of it tomorrow, so that I can begin my re-read of His Dark Materials right after, eee :D And also. Oh my gosh. I GOT TICKETS TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT!!! EEE! Next summer in Oslo. <3 I am SO EXCITED. Expensive, but so worth it. Already booked the hotel too. Just waiting for cheaper plane tickets :) I'm excited to go. Hoping I can go too. My health completely sucks, but I'm going anyway. So excited. Also got some gorgeous books this week, so yay for that. A big no for not having my laptop, though. It is sent in to service. Again. Fourth time in less than two years. This time, though, they MUST give me a new laptop or my money back after it has been to service. It is the law. Thank god. I'm goddamn tired of this very expensive laptop being shit. Ugh. Fingers crossed I will not have to wait too long. Anyway. A couple of new blog posts. This week I'm waiting on Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All :D Which is also the book I'm reading right now. <3 Then I shared my review of Stargazing :)

Darkdawn. Oops. Another copy. It's the gorgeous Goldsboro, though, haha :D I love the colored edges.
The Institute. I have not read a single book by Stephen King. I had to buy this when I read the summary.
Bid My Soul Farewell. Eee! This book was so very perfect :D I love my hardcover and intl paperback.
Five Dark Fates. Oops. Barnes and Noble special signed first edition :D I had to buy this one, haha. <3
The Trials of Apollo. I know, I know. SO FAR behind on these books. But I still have to have them all ;)
Wayward Son. Ahh! First copy, US hardcover. Gosh. So excited. But nervous to re-read Carry On, haha.
Pop Figures. Oops :D A few scary ones, haha. I loved The Nun. And Annabelle is awesome too. Love.

American Royals. I completely forgot to share about this last week, ack! I got this gorgeous promo package from Penguin Random House International about American Royals :D EEE! Thank you so so much. You guys are the best. And this box was all kinds of adorable. I love all the items. They are so great. And the book sounds good too :) Hoping to read it soonish.

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