Sunday, September 1, 2019

Review: Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks

This book was all kinds of adorable, which I knew it would be. Gave me the perfect feelings of autumn and friendship. I knew I had to read this graphic novel the moment I heard of it. As I adore Rainbow, but also because of how gorgeous this cover was. How fun the story sounded like it would be. Which it was.

I am giving this stunning thing four stars. It was pretty much perfect. Full of feelings and the most perfect friendship that I wanted to turn into more. All the artwork in this graphic novel was simply perfection. I loved all of the drawings. I loved the writing as well. This story was all kinds of adorable and sweet.

I only wish there had been even more of it, haha. I wanted it to be longer, with more of Deja and Josiah having fun together. As they were the cutest characters to read about. I loved how they were drawn. I loved their friendship. And I loved getting to know little things about them. But yes. This is the reason why I wanted this book to be more, as I really wanted to know much more about both of them. As I adored them so. Sigh. I will not be writing a very long review of it because of it not being that long. Pumpkinheads tells the story of Deja and Josiah. They have been autumn friends for years now, only spending time together for two months a year, in the pumpkin patch. They are the best of friends despite spending so little time together each year.

This book tells of their last night working at the pumpkin patch. Next year they will be in college. This is their last night working together, maybe even their last night as friends. Josiah is all kinds of sad about it. And so Deja decides that they will skip out on working and instead go on a mission. A mission to make Josiah talk to the girl he has had a crush on for the past three years. The girl he has not even talked to before. And so they go searching for her. But she is never where she is supposed to be, always moving.

Which means this book ended up being a big adventure of the pumpkin patch. With Deja searching for different snacks to taste. They are searching for the girl, to make Josiah talk to her, before it is too late. Josiah is kind of a shy boy. And he seemed all kinds of adorable. I adored reading about him and Deja spending time together. Talking about their friendship and things they had done before too. They were such cute friends and I shipped them beyond words. Oops. They were truly perfect for each other. Sigh.

There is not that much happening in this book. It is simply Deja and Josiah spending an evening going through the pumpkin patch. It felt a little magical. A lot like autumn. I have never visited a pumpkin patch before, as I'm not even sure they exists in Norway. But this book made me want to visit one so badly. I loved all the illustrations of the food and all the things to do. It seemed like so much fun. This book also features a kind of crazy animal, which was pretty awesome too. With some other cute characters as well.

Pumpkinheads was just as adorable as I thought it would be. Filled with gorgeous artwork and stunning writing. The story was so cute and sweet. The friendship between Deja and Josiah was the best thing. And I loved reading about their adventure through the pumpkin patch. It was all kinds of fun. I would so recommend everyone to read this graphic novel. It made me feel so very happy and good. I have not read anything else by Faith yet, but I will one day. Her artwork was just all kinds of perfection. Loved it.

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