Saturday, September 7, 2019

In My Mailbox #409

How has it already been another week? Gosh. Time is moving way too fast and I do not have time to get anything done. Ahh. I only read one book this week, and it was a short graphic novel, ack. I am currently reading a longer book, but it's taking forever. Sigh. But working on it. I'm so busy lately. Spending all day long with my sister and her kids. Oops. I love it, I do, but gosh, I'm exhausted. And no time for anything else. Ack. Because I'm also all kinds of sick. My health sucks so badly. It all got worse after getting my regular medicine. Feels like I have gotten all the sideeffects. Ugh. I'm not pleased. Trying to deal with it, though. Sigh. And I did get some gorgeous mail, so yay for that :) Will be seeing IT 2 this coming week, which I'm so excited about. Only two new blog posts. I shared my review of Pumpkinheads :D And this week I'm waiting on Rebel :) Hope you are all doing well. <3 I hope to finally start catching up very soon.

Kingdom of Souls. I'm both excited and nervous about this one, haha. It sounds pretty amazing, though.
Serpent & Dove. This book was all kinds of good and the finished copy looks so gorgeous :D I love it.
Five Dark Fates. Ahh. I'm beyond nervous about this final book. I have peeked, haha :D But SO excited.
The Girl the Sea Gave Back. Oops. I did not like this book much, but I need them all for my collection :)
The Crimson Skew. I was looking at my collection and realized I was missing this paperback version, ack.
What She Found in the Woods + Sky in the Deep Art Print. Eee! Thank you for trading with me Donna :D
Pop Figures. Ahh! I got so many pre-orders this week :D I love them all so much. Ahh. New Pennywise :D

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  1. Oh I want to read The Girl the Sea Gave Back! Also, I can't wait to start reading Serpent & Dove.

    Happy reading, C!


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