Thursday, July 4, 2019

Review: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

Reading this book for the third time was all kinds of amazing. I simply cannot stop loving this story and these characters. And I know this is a series I will read again and again and never tire of it. Which is the best feeling. This book never fails to make me so excited. The mystery was excellent. The characters are the best.

This tells an adult story about a female Sherlock Holmes. Miss Charlotte. She is twenty five years old and is the most adorable person. I loved getting to know her beyond words. Okay, I knew her already, many times, but reading it all over again was still the best. Learning everything again and loving Charlotte even more.

The story is set in the past. And oh, the historical parts of these books are beyond awesome. I loved everything about it. I loved the clothes. I even loved the gossip and the rules. Every part of this world were interesting. This story tells of a murder mystery that Charlotte must solve to save the reputation of her sister and father. I will not say too much about this murder business. But it was so exciting. And even though I have read it two times before I still could not wait to find out how it ended, haha. Though the ending for the mystery was heartbreaking and rude and sad. But so good too. And complicated. And just so well written. Sherry knows how to write a story. And I simply adore her so. Sherry is amazing and always so kind. Her books are all truly the best.

I shall not write too much about this book this time. Well, I shall try not, haha. It is hard to not write down all my feelings about this book. Simply because I adore it so. Third time reading, and I'm still so charmed with this book and these characters. Charlotte was the most amazing. And she just ruined herself in this society. Which broke my heart. But was so interesting too. Especially with how Charlotte sees everything. Her mind is excellent. She is so smart. A little different. Beyond adorable and amazing. Every part of her.

This book tells the story of Charlotte. And her sister Livia. A little of their family, whom I truly despised. Oops. But they deserve it. It tells the story of Charlotte and her almost lover, Lord Ingram, Ash in private. And oh my god how I adored this man. He is two years older than her. Their pining for each other killed me. They want to be together so badly. But they cannot. Because he will not. And Ash does have good reasons. But oh, it's complicated. But I did not mind one bit. I ship them the most. They are beyond cute.

This book is about those most stunning characters. But also about Inspector Treadles, whom is the one investigating the murders that happened. The mystery was complete. And pretty exciting and interesting too. I liked reading about how he worked things out, though, honestly, I just wanted more of Charlotte and Ash. Ha. Sorry. But the murder mystery was good too. But Ash. Sigh. My love. There is also Mrs. Watson and the whole thing with Sherlock Holmes and Charlotte being him. It was written soso good. All of it was.

I am still giving this book a four star for the third time, though. Because even though it was pretty much perfect from start to finish, I still found a few of the parts with Inspector Treadles to be a little too long and boring, haha. I kept wanting to go back to Charlotte and Ash and Livia too. Sigh. But this does not mean that I did not love the Inspector too. Because I did. He was complicated. But so interesting and loving too. For the most part, ha. So much happened in this story. And all of it really needed to be there. All so good.

There is still so much I could share about this book. All of the time. But, well, considering this is my third review, I have tried not to share too much this time. But my gosh. You all need to read A Study in Scarlet Women already. This whole series is beyond incredible. I hope Sherry will never stop writing it. I cannot wait to re-read book two and three next, and then read the new fourth novel. It will be so good. I am very excited. And a little nervous too. Because the third book killed me with perfection. So good. I need more.

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