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Immunity Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Eee. I'm so excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Immunity by Erin Bowman today :D I was thrilled when I got accepted to take part in it last month. And then got an early ecopy of Immunity. Eee. I had to re-read Contagion right away, and Immunity right after. And oh my god. It was completely amazing. Sigh. So so good. Biggest thank you to The Fantastic Flying Book Club for allowing me to take part in this blog tour :D If you have not read Contagion yet, you are seriously missing out. This young adult sci-fi duology is beyond epic. The characters are aamazing. And you guys are going to fall in love with this series just like I did. I promise. For my tour today I'm sharing my five star review of Immunity. Gosh, how I loved this. At the end of the post I'm sharing a giveaway as well, US only, not hosted by me. Go enter it right now :)

Review of Immunity.

This sequel ended up being everything I wanted it to be and more. I could not be more happy about this book. It makes my heart happy. I had the best time re-reading Contagion before I started Immunity, and I'm so glad I did so. Reading these two books right after each other was the best thing. Though I already feel like putting my thoughts into words will not be easy. Because I loved this book with all my heart. And it feels impossible to write down that love. I can do it, though. You need to know how special Immunity is.

There will be spoilers for Contagion, so if you have not read that one yet you should not read my review. Instead you should go pick up the book right away. This duology is a must read. There is simply so much that I loved about this book that I do not know where to start. The writing was perfection. I had no trouble at all connecting with the story and the characters. This world was created well and I loved all the space parts. I loved all of the secret things coming out. I loved all the backstory included too. Five stars for this.

But most of all I loved reading about Thea and Coen again. There two characters are the very best and I love them with all my heart. Immunity picks up right after the end of Contagion. Thea, Coen and Nova are the only survivors of their crews. They have managed to leave the deadly planet behind. But they are not safe. They got taken in by some form of military, to be tested on, to be held as captives. Nova was almost killed and spends two months in a coma. Yet we get to read a little about that, which I enjoyed very much.

Though Nova is in a coma, at least she is safe. Thea and Coen are not. The people that took them on a bigger spaceship knows their secret; that they have been affected by the contagion. That they are hosts of the virus, but not sick themselves. They know that they can do things. That they are stronger faster and heal right away. They know, because there was videos from the ship. And because they know, things are so not going well for Thea and Coen in this book. Which broke my heart. But my gosh how exciting it was.

The book begins with Thea and Coen being taken to different cells. They get hurt if they do not do as they are told. They are being studied. Tested in every way. It was pretty horrible to read about. They so did not deserve this. And they were treated so badly. Thankfully not too badly, so wasn't the worst to read about. But it still hurt my heart. Yet it was so good too. I loved reading all of it. I loved this plot. And what I loved most was how they were able to talk to each other in their heads. Eee. It was so thrilling. And so cute too.

And it made the entire book even more perfect to me. Because Thea and Coen slowly get to know each other better. They connect more. They become better friends, slowly becoming more. Although they are still captives. But they are not alone. They have each other. And that meant everything. I loved how they talked to each other. How they spent every moment together, at least in their heads. And then that bond got stronger, in a different way. And it was so exciting and I loved every moment of it. Sigh. My lovelies.

Okay, it was awful to read about them being tested on and used for the virus in their blood. But it was so interesting and exciting as well. This book focus less on the infected and more on the characters. Their relationships. And I so loved it beyond words. Thea and Coen were my favorites. Getting to know them better was so good. And I adore them so much. They were the sweetest. And both pretty much broken. Yet they had each other. And that made my heart so happy. Sigh. This book was amazing. I loved it so.

But it was not all about Thea and Coen. Nova was there too, once she got out of her coma. And there was a new character as well, Amber, the young student taking care of Nova while she was in her coma and then after that too. Nova is a prisoner too. Though able to do more, as she does not have the virus, so they do not care much about her. But she is not allowed to see her friends. And her memories of all that has happened hurts her a whole lot. It was so sad but so good as well. Adored reading about Nova.

And Amber was a great character too and I really liked getting to know her as well. She is not broken like all the rest, but she is just as fierce as them all. Her growing friendship with Nova was pretty great to read about. Although Thea and Coen were my favorite characters, I still adored Nova and Amber so much too. They had a bunch of exciting scenes. And they were pretty cute together too. I shipped them. And getting to know more about them both was awesome. Many new characters in this book. All of them interesting.

There was so much going on in this book. About the contagion. About Thea and Coen and their bond. If there is a cure or not. Everything going on with those that captured them, what they want. There are more details about the different planets and those in charge of them. I liked learning everything new. So much happened. And I enjoyed all of it. The only thing I wish is that there had been an epilogue. Or just a little longer ending. Sigh. I wanted even more of them all, haha. But everything was perfect. Even the ending.

There is still so much that I could say about this book. But I will not say much more about it. I have done my best to stay spoiler free. But gosh. Immunity was everything I wanted and more. It was heartbreaking and evil but so hopeful too. So much bad happened to these characters. But so much good too. The bond between Thea and Coen killed me. Their small romance was beyond perfect. I loved it so much. There is tons to get to know in this book. All of it awesome. And rude. And I enjoyed it so. Cannot stop loving on it.

This is a series I know I will read again. Because there was not a single thing that made my heart hurt. Okay, there was heartbreak and death and awful things happening. But there was no drama. There was no silly jealousy between the main characters. This book did not make me feel pain in that way. Which is rare. It makes me so happy. And, of course, it was completely awesome as well. Exciting and interesting and I am positive I will read both books again and again. They are so worth it. Both books were so good.

Biggest thank you to The Fantastic Flying Book Club for letting me take part in the blog tour and allowing me to read an early eARC of Immunity a month ago. I'm beyond thrilled that I had the chance to read this book early. And I cannot wait to get my hardcover of it as well. Because it was so good and I am going to need all the editions of it. And that cover is so stunning. I love it so. If you have read Contagion then you really must read Immunity too. It was so perfect. And you are all going to love it like I did. I promise you.

Survivors of a deadly planetary outbreak take on a new, sinister adversary in the white-knuckle sequel to Contagion, which New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman called “gripping, thrilling and terrifying in equal measures.”

They thought their nightmare was over, but Thea, Coen, and Nova’s rescue was only the beginning. After being imprisoned on a ship they thought was their ticket to safety, it’s clear that the threat they left behind isn’t as distant as they’d hoped—and this time the entire galaxy is at risk.

Now that threat is about to be unleashed as an act of political warfare. To prevent an interstellar catastrophe, the survivors must harness the evil they faced on the planet Achlys and learn to wield the only weapon they have left: themselves.

The first installment in Erin Bowman’s duology earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, who called the plot “intricate and action-packed,” and fans of Jonathan Maberry, Rick Yancey, and Madeline Roux will relish in Bowman’s tense, high-stakes conclusion to the events of Contagion.

Erin Bowman is the Edgar Award-nominated author of numerous books for teens, including the Taken Trilogy, Vengeance Road, Retribution Rails, and the Contagion duology. A web designer turned author, Erin has always been invested in telling stories—both visually and with words. When not writing, she can often be found hiking, commenting on good typography, and obsessing over all things Harry Potter. Erin lives in New Hampshire with her husband and children. You can visit her online at, on twitter @erin_bowman, or on instagram @heyerin

Erin is represented by Sara Crowe of Pippin Properties.

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