Saturday, July 27, 2019

In My Mailbox #403

Honestly, how is it already Saturday again? Ahh. This summer is going by way too fast. We have had a few days this week with some heat and sun, so yay for that. But now it's back to being windy and cold, ha. Summer over. Rude. But eee. There are finally a whole bunch of pokestops near my house, and so I have started to take a walk once a day. Much more than what I have usually done, haha. And gosh. I got some stunning mail this week. Eee. Much precious. So thankful. Only one book read, but it was a good one, so I'm okay with that. So far behind on my reading challenge, though. It's hard to read these days. I have so little energy and even less time. My body is always exhausted. And it has been worse this week. Sigh. I'm trying my best, though. And wishing to catch up more these coming days. Fingers crossed. And also! Ahh! I am less than 3000 page views away from one million :D Eee! It is so awesome. I'm excited :D

Queen of Air and Darkness. Oops. I must own all editions, haha :D New smaller UK paperback version.
Retribution Rails. US paperback edition is finally out :D I own all the copies, haha. Erin is the very best.
Warrior of the Wild. Eee! Thank you Chloe for trading this with me :D Thrilled to add to my collection. <3
Aurora Rising + Memento + Furyborn Swag + Fracture. Ahh! Thank you so so very much for helping me get all of this Becky. <3 Including the ARCs below too. You are the best. My personalized AR :D Love all.
We Hunt the Flame + The Beholder + The Star Shepherd + The Girl the Sea Gave Back. Eee! I'm beyond thankful for these awesome trades with God of Wax. Thank you so very much. I love them all so much :D

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  1. AHH! This is so amazing, I'm so jealous of how many incredible books you got. Queen of Air and Darkness, Aurora Rising, Memento are three that I've been thinking of getting my hands on. Also I've seen so much about We Hunt the Flame but I don't really know much about it. Excited to see your thoughts on it!


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